Lauren Pope Cleavage Skills Make This TOWIE DJ Worth Respecting, Or, At Least, Worth Ogling

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bill-swift - November 16, 2012

While our conventional wisdom says that anybody who refers to themselves professional as a 'DJ' is tantamount to people in Los Angeles who call themselves 'producers', when it comes to TOWIE alum Lauren Pope and her magnificent funbags, we are willing to make an exception to common sensical regulations.

Though us Yanks have the rep for worship of all things bouncy and bubbly on the ladyfolk, let us not forsake Jolly Old England which has become the epicenter of celebrity DD boobtastic in the past decade or so, featuring an increasing number of big chested young marvels on their telly screens and in their visual marketing. Lauren Pope just happens to be one of the more worship worthy vixens in the new British bangers and monster mash class of young women, and we'll be damned if we're going to skip class when the syllabus reads 'Lauren Pop mega-cleavage'. That we'll wake up for. Enjoy.