The Letterman Show

Taylor Swift Sheer See-Through Top Reveals Her Bra, Which Is Huge for T. Swift

The innocent yet beguiling Taylor Swift is probably the single most conservative celebrity we cover here on Egotastic!, and we don’t mean the naughty librarian type who appears all coquettish on the outside but once alone turns into a Tantric tiger, we mean the librarian librarian type who when all alone tells you to shoosh and asks you if her bi-focals make her look fat.

Nevertheless, at some point, human sexuality always trumps human conforms, even if it has to leak out unexpectedly or in little tiny glimmers of libidnal hope, as it did for Taylor Swift in a sheer top made sheerer by the evening flash of paparazzi cameras flashing her bra (gasp!) to the entire world. Now, it ain’t much, but it’s an opening. Like a small rent in the time space continuum that we can only hope and pray busts wide open someday and we get to see some real Taylor Swift skin. Don’t hold your breath, not just yet. Enjoy.

Well, Hello, Amy Adams, Ginger in Tight Red

We rarely get to see our belusted ginger Amy Adams much of anywhere these days, so the chance to see her in a tight red dress outside of The Letterman Show, well, we were a bit stunned, in the good way of being stunned, not like the phasers set to stun, more like tingly feeling like a 12-year old boy again accidentally seeing your buddies older sister changing into her bikini kind of stunned. It’s a good stunned.

Amy Adams is just such an underrated bit of charming hotness, throw in a form fitting dress, and you have a vision of something, of someone, we’d really like to be trapped in a mountain cabin with for a week or two. Enjoy.

Kyra Sedgwick Tight Red Dress Reveals A Woman Who Can Still Close

Say what you will, but the elder states-women are holding their own and then some in Hollywood these days, including The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick, who in her late 40′s is still dazzling big time in a skin tight red dress, the kind the lady on the street corner where I grew up used to wear when the rent money was due. That kind of tight hot red dress.

All decked out for The Letterman Show, Kyra reminds us that hot women don’t grow older, they only get slightly slower when trying to run away from our lascivious advances. This is a good thing. Enjoy.

Cobie Smulders Smolders in Leather Outside Letterman

Animal rights activism aside, Cobie Smulers looked smoking hot in leather outside of The Late Show last night. We simply don’t get to see enough of the sexy side of the How I Met Your Mother starlet, and by not enough, I mean, we really must see this girl nekkid soon or I’m going to lose my shizz. Our Smulders crush has gone on long enough, and these provocative poses outside Letterman are not going to quench the beast within.

So, Cobie, please, pretty please, we need to see more skin. Come by my place, have a little grocery store discount vino, and we’ll do a little photoshoot I like to call, ‘How I Met the Place Where You’ll Become a Mother’. Tasteful. I promise. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Hot Pimping Not One, But Two Movies on Letterman

The next 10 days are going to be quite awesome. No, just not just because I finally got an Amazon Local coupon for intimate area manscaping, but because we have not one, but two Kate Beckinsale cinematic premieres. Contraband this Friday with Marky Mark, and even more highly anticipated perhaps by Egotastic!/Beckinsale lovers everywhere, Underworld Awakening, where Kate will be flipping in skintight latex body suits.

The continuously highly rated hottie MILF took to Letterman to promote her twin cinematic experiences and remind the world just how hot she is and so very worth your $10. Enjoy.