Cobie Smulders Smolders in Leather Outside Letterman

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bill-swift - April 11, 2012

Animal rights activism aside, Cobie Smulers looked smoking hot in leather outside of The Late Show last night. We simply don't get to see enough of the sexy side of the How I Met Your Mother starlet, and by not enough, I mean, we really must see this girl nekkid soon or I'm going to lose my shizz. Our Smulders crush has gone on long enough, and these provocative poses outside Letterman are not going to quench the beast within.

So, Cobie, please, pretty please, we need to see more skin. Come by my place, have a little grocery store discount vino, and we'll do a little photoshoot I like to call, 'How I Met the Place Where You'll Become a Mother'. Tasteful. I promise. Enjoy.