The Expendables 2

Charisma Carpenter Down-Dress Cleavage Highlights the ‘Expendables 2′ Red Carpet

Well, hello Charisma Carpenter boobtastic.

The veteran actress and former Buffy star joined with her fellow cast of Expendables 2 premiere in Hollywood last night; but unlike the rest of her cast mostly sporting older dude man boobs, Charisma’s 42-year old hooters held up more than nicely as she gave all oglers on the red carpet a beautiful shot of her delicious funbag bounty. And quite a treasure chest indeed.

I’m not so sure how this film will turn out, but I’m sure the premiere was more than fine, thanks to Charisma. Enjoy.

Can’t Wait for ‘Expendables 2′? Here are the 5 Best Recent Action Movies That Will Do For Now

Look at Sly, Arnie and Bruce above. Don’t they look happy? I imagine this is how they spend their warm summer evenings in the park. Firing shots out into the open hoping that a bad guy walks into one. Early reviews for The Expendables 2, Stallone’s return to an all out action salvo, have been rather scathing. But what do film critics know? As long as there is a whole host of action, death, bloodshed and murder, we’ll be happy.

But if you can’t wait for the movie’s release this Friday, check the gallery for some recent action movies that you can get your hands on now and will feed your thirst for destruction until Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenger are finally upon us again.

‘The Expendables 2′ Casts Most Kick-Ass Moments In Cinema!

The Expendables was one of the guiltiest pleasures to grace cinemas in 2010.

Sylvester Stallone got together with his good friends Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to destroy every single human beings who came before them.

Rocky must have had so much fun with the original that he’s decided to make a second instalment and it will be with us on August 17th.

But one of the biggest reasons for The Expendables 2 success is because many viewers use it as a nostalgia trip. They’re the cinematic equivalent of a 2012 Rolling Stones concert.

Everyone knows that they are past it, but you might just catch a glint of the talent that made them what they are.

So to help you remember, here are the most bad ass movie moments from the stars of The Expendables 2.


Sequel Talk: What’s Up With ‘Die Hard 5′, ‘Taken 2′ and ‘The Expendables 2′

Sequels. They’re huge moneymakers for studios who want to milk a film franchise for all it’s worth. I’d say the sequel directly following the original movie is the most risky one to do because it could totally bomb and kill all potential for future flicks. But then again, it could be totally amazing and serve as the takeoff point for the franchise.

Die Hard didn’t have a hard time pushing past its sophomore slump because they’re already knee-deep in the fifth installment, A Good Day to Die Hard. But we find ourselves at that critical point for both Taken and The Expendables, both of which will be releasing their first sequels later this year.

There’s been a lot of talk about the movies with their respective release dates pushing closer. Here are some of the most recent headlines:

  • If you’re expecting more quips and a lighter tone for Die Hard 5, then you’ll be disappointed. Director John Moore says that won’t happen, at least not on his watch, because the fivequel featuring John McClane will be as tough and action-filled as its last predecessor.
  • Taken seemed like one of those open-and-shut stories with an ending that pretty much tied all the loose ends. So why are we seeing a sequel that brings Liam Neeson back with the same storyline as the first movie?
  • A-list action stars, big guns, and everyone’s favorite action sequences reminiscent of the nineties? That’s The Expendables in a nutshell. Expect the sequel to take it a notch further because it’s just been officially stamped with an R rating.

Intrigued? Get the full scoop by clicking on to the gallery above.

Want to Become One of the Expendables? Here’s What You Gotta Do

Not all of us will have the chance to star in The Expendables 2, but what we all do get is the chance to appear in one of the movie’s trailers–if only for our own personal viewing pleasure. That’s definitely better than nothing, right?

To commemorate the release of a new trailer and to pump fans up regarding the movie’s nearing opening date, Lionsgate has launched an all-new app for iPhones and iPads called The Expendables 2 Infinite Trailer.


New Posters For ‘The Expendables 2′ & ‘Taken 2′

Hollywood really likes sequels. I think we can all see that. Most of them flatter to deceive but audiences keep on flocking to their nearest cinemas to see them, and as long as they do America’s finest film production companies will continue to produce them.

So it’s no surprise to see that sequels to Sly Stallone’s The Expendables and Liam Neeson’s Taken have been ordered after they both made quite a large heap of money upon their original releases. And now a poster for each of them are available for us to look at and be impressed by.

The Expendables 2 will be with us on August 17th and will see Liam Hemsworth and Jean-Claude Van Damme join Stallone, Statham and the boys in proceedings. Taken 2 on the other hand is released a little bit later on October 5th and Neeson will no doubt have to kill a lot of bad guys to save a loved one in some far away land.

You can check out the posters below. Enjoy.


Exclusive New Trailer for ‘The Expendables 2′ Now Online! (VIDEO)

The Expendables 2 Trailer
Watch Video

A teaser trailer for a new The Expendables 2 trailer hit yesterday featuring the tough-talking Terry Crews. I know a lot of people are pumped up for the sequel to 2010′s original The Expendables for the reason that they’ve added even more big-name actors (read: Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme) to an already star-studded original cast.

Check out the exclusive new trailer for The Expendables 2 after the jump!