Want to Become One of the Expendables? Here’s What You Gotta Do

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bill-swift - July 26, 2012

Not all of us will have the chance to star in The Expendables 2, but what we all do get is the chance to appear in one of the movie's trailers--if only for our own personal viewing pleasure. That's definitely better than nothing, right?

To commemorate the release of a new trailer and to pump fans up regarding the movie's nearing opening date, Lionsgate has launched an all-new app for iPhones and iPads called The Expendables 2 Infinite Trailer.

It basically lets regular people like you and me add six different types of awesome effects to videos shot using an iPhone or iPad. Be explosive with grenade, fly high with airstrike, play it safe with RPG long range or medium range, show no mercy with splatter, and destroy everything in your wake with shatter.

When it's all done (and when you're ready), just add it to the movie's Infinite Trailer to see how you'd fare as an expendable. Then start all over again with a new effect just for kicks.

The app promises to add more effects soon and a feature that will let you save the videos to your camera roll. Aside from that, it also teases of an update that will let you 'see your video on the BIG SCREEN in an exclusive web experience.' What could that be about? I guess you'll have to wait and see to find out.

Check out The Expendables 2 Infinite Trailer app on the iTunes App Store.