Can’t Wait for ‘Expendables 2’? Here are the 5 Best Recent Action Movies That Will Do For Now

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bill-swift - August 14, 2012

Look at Sly, Arnie and Bruce above. Don't they look happy? I imagine this is how they spend their warm summer evenings in the park. Firing shots out into the open hoping that a bad guy walks into one. Early reviews for The Expendables 2, Stallone's return to an all out action salvo, have been rather scathing. But what do film critics know? As long as there is a whole host of action, death, bloodshed and murder, we'll be happy.

But if you can't wait for the movie's release this Friday, check the gallery for some recent action movies that you can get your hands on now and will feed your thirst for destruction until Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenger are finally upon us again.