Star Trek Into Darkness

Alice Eve Was a Very Smart Addition to the Star Trek Franchise

Alice Eve and her smashing cleave showed up strong once again at the Blu-Ray premiere event for Star Trek Into Darkness. I guess there’s somebody out there who questioned the casting of Alice Eve into the film franchise, if so, I’d like to fight them. Not in a fight where I might be physically injured, I gave pugilism up after a record of two wins and eleven losses in my grade school days, but maybe a verbal joust about the fact that Alice Eve’s bodacious body trumps any and all arguments against her casting.

If Alice Eve had been cast to play Lincoln, it would’ve been awesome. No offense to Daniel Day Lewis, but maybe I actually could have stayed awake during the entire two hours if Alice and her majestic funbags had been addressing Congress and creaking up and down the halls of the old White House.

Alice Eve boobs make everything better. Enjoy.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Honest Trailer Says What We’re All Thinking

Dr. Thumbnail!

It wouldn’t be Honest Trailers if they didn’t say what we’re all thinking. It’s their job, after all. Well, they’ve finally gotten around to taking Star Trek Into Darkness to task.

Look, I strongly didn’t dislike Star Trek Into Darkness, mainly because I was once an orphan owned by the studio. It’s the truth. I owe them one or two bones here and there. In strongly not disliking the film, I couldn’t help but vehemently hate a handful of plot holes, tidbits, and inconsistencies.

Thankfully, HT laid them all out and I don’t have to harp on any of them. I can just tell you to watch the clip, which includes a good chunk of the How it Should Have Ended goodness.

Oh, and Alice Eve hanging out in her barley-mentionables again. Because, who doesn’t want to see that over and over again?

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: $71 Million of Box Office Win

Star Trek Into Darkness is already printing dollar bills and kicking ass.

Number crunchers and money nerds tell us that J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness made some $71 million through the three-day weekend and $84 million for the four and a half days that it has been open. Not bad for a rebooted franchise and basically a remixed and updated version of a movie from the early 80s. It’s not doing as well as its first installment from 2009, which did $75 million in its first three-day weekend, but what sequel has ever outshined it’s predecessor? (Ok, there are few, but not many) All of the secret and spoilers are out by now, but it’s still well worth watching at least once – trust us.

Here’s hoping all that cash doesn’t go to Abrams’ head, now that he’s been given the keys to every beloved geek franchise. We want him humble and focused for when he gets to work on Star WarsVII…which should be soon, right J.J.?

Zoe Saldana, Lake Bell, and Olga Kurylenko Among Hotties in the Movies This Weekend

If you’re headed to the legit big time theatrical experience this weekend, while you won’t see mega skin, you will see bouts of supreme hotness, among which include Zoe Saldana, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, and Olga Kurylenko, all out in theaters now.

So, betwixt your $8 popcorn, your $7 soda, and the mixed fruit nut thing your lady brings to save you dough, try to gaze freely upon the sextastic celebrities before thine eyes. You may not remember the plots and the subplots, but you are certain to remember the curves. Enjoy.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Spoilers Courtesy of Conan (VIDEO)

Conan Gives Up Some Trek Spoilers
Conan's 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoilers

Chances are that you skipped out on work today to see Star Trek Into Darkness and now you’re stuck in line with chatty fanboys and fangirls. If you’ve been good, you carefully avoided months of speculation about plot points, character arcs and everybody telling you, “Bro, it’s Khan.” Now you just have to get through the next few minutes without one of those nerds spilling all the Khan-y goodness for sure.

Like all of us, however, you’ve probably been sloppy or you have jerk friends who told everything that’s going to happen, right down to the lens-flare.

Earlier this week, ubernerds came down hard on Conan O’Brien for being one of those spoiler-dropping jerk friends. His response? More (fake) spoiler-dropping. Check it.

Nerd Alert! Code Red! Star Trek Starts Tonight! (VIDEO)

Opens Tonight in Geek-Filled Theaters Everywhere!

Yes, it does. Star Trek Into Darkness is finally here. All your Klingon-Human sexual fantasies are about to be satisfied. Okay, maybe not those so much. But Kirk, Spock. McCoy, the bad guy pretending he’s not the future Khan. It’s all there. And it looks pretty damn amazing. So, yeah, I will be among the geek boys seeing this movie in the next 24 hours. Resistance is futile.

We had the privilege of snagging some interviews with J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness in London this past week. Not really a privilege since the Brits won’t let me onto their shores until I renounce my claim to being Kate Middleton’s baby daddy. Still, we snuck somebody else in. Take a look at some very brief snippets from our journalistic endeavor. Then, hire a dog sitter for your embarrassing Chow and head off to see Star Trek.

Don’t be the last nerd in the world to fulfill his destiny!

Twins Katie and Kellie Cockrell: Four More Reasons to See ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

In all the hubbub over how The Batch is going to be playing Khan (seriously, it’s probably Khan) and all that gawking we’ve done of Trek’s primary hotties, Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve, we’ve forgotten about the other eye candy. OG Kirk tagged more space tail than any other Trek captain and New Kirk is already on the same path.

Last go around, we saw him bedding down some green chick. Rumor has it, this time he’ll be taking a sexy set of twins to task. Those twins, played by double threat Katie Cockrell and Kellie Cockrell have been tragically overlooked by all but the most intrepid nerds.

Thanks to their interviews with Trek News and Nerd Reactor, we got some hints about their role:

Our characters are not human; we can say that. They are kind of organic characters that stem from the comic book series.

Not human: That’s obvious. “Kind of Organic’. Are they the Newman’s Own of Space Ass? Meh. Then it gets kinda weird. Kellie had this to say:

Well, without revealing too much there are people operating different parts of a prosthetic type of thing and we all had to take part and coordinate and make it look the same. So, just that process was really involved.

Ok. Now we want to know. What sexy alien prop needs more than one person to operate!? Our imaginations are starting to go off the rails here. Giant bewbage? Tentacles? Guess we’ll find out tonight.