Alice Eve Was a Very Smart Addition to the Star Trek Franchise

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bill-swift - September 12, 2013

Alice Eveand her smashing cleave showed up strong once again at the Blu-Ray premiere event for Star Trek Into Darkness. I guess there's somebody out there who questioned the casting of Alice Eve into the film franchise, if so, I'd like to fight them. Not in a fight where I might be physically injured, I gave pugilism up after a record of two wins and eleven losses in my grade school days, but maybe a verbal joust about the fact that Alice Eve's bodacious body trumps any and all arguments against her casting.

If Alice Eve had been cast to play Lincoln, it would've been awesome. No offense to Daniel Day Lewis, but maybe I actually could have stayed awake during the entire two hours if Alice and her majestic funbags had been addressing Congress and creaking up and down the halls of the old White House.

Alice Eve boobs make everything better. Enjoy.