Barbara Palvin Treehugger in a One Piece!

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Tex Hollywood - April 23, 2020

Barbara Palvin is a Victoria's Secret model who you probably love. She's hot, what's not to love.

There was a time when she was all the Victoria's Secret rage. She was their newcomer at 18 years old, they positioned her as someone who potentially dated or hooked up with Bieber. There was a whirlwind of press around her. Then it all stopped.

It wasn't until last year that she started making a comeback with the brand. It's like they put her on the backburner to build up her friends and Victoria's Secret sisters Elsa Hosk and Stella Maxwell.

This is not a shoot for Victoria's Secret, that's just what we know her for. Unless you are are Dylan Sprouse fan, the Suite Life of Zach and Cody was your jam, so much so that you are into the girls he dates 10 years later, because this is his girlfriend.

She is also a TREE HUGGING as she is hugging Trees in the wake of Earth Day!

  • Bando says:

    She disappeared from VS because they stupidly told her to lose weight, and she rightly told them to fuck off.

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