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Who is John Harrison and Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Playing Him in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

We’ve been kept in the dark over the true nature of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villainous role in Star Trek Into Darkness. We all assumed he was playing a less Mexican version of Khan noonien Singh, the genetially enhance superhuman who took over part of the Earth in revolution was frozen and cast off into space only to be thawed out and marooned by Kirk and Co., spending years on a desolate planet until Chekov made the mistake of showing up on the wrong planet. Then we thought he was playing Gary Mitchell, a TOS character and friend of Kirk who eventually grows crazy from telekinetic powers and has to be killed by Kirk before he can harm the ship and crew.

But now, we’re officially being told from Paramount that Cumberbatch will in fact be playing John Harrison. In Trek canon, Harrison is a TOS crew-member who did happen to appear in ‘Space Seed’, the episode that introduced Khan as a character. So is B. Cum playing a former Fleet officer, out for revenge for some reason? Or is this name just a pseudonym in order for him to gain access to get that vengeance he seems to want so badly from the first trailer. Is he still actually playing Khan? Read more… »

William Shatner’s Toupée is Nowhere to Be Found in the ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

Star Trek into Darkness
Trek into the teaser

Well, you’ve been waiting three years for it and here it finally is–The first glimpse of footage from Star Trek into Darkness, a one-minute long teaser trailer that does nothing but let you know shit is not good across the galaxy. Things are blowing up, people are jumping off cliffs, ships are terrorizing London and that cool guy from Sherlock is giving some gritty, Christian Bale-esque gravely voice over. To make up for the 60 seconds of destruction and mayhem, we’re also given glimpses of Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve, who by the look her miniskirt is getting from Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk could possibly be playing Carol Markus, mother-to-be of Kirk’s future son.

The best part of the teaser is definitely the first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as…Well, it’s still not clear what villain he’s playing. J.J. Abrams and Co. are playing it pretty close to the vest on this one, even though the film’s release is six months away. There are suggestions and confirmed then unconfirmed reports he’s playing Khan (with or without Wrath, still not clear), while others say he’s playing a character called Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell, another original series holdover. Maybe the full trailer released before The Hobbit on the 14th will shed more light as to who the Enterprise is flying into darkness to defeat.

Trek into Teaser Trailers Tomorrow with the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Teaser

The rush of Star Trek Into Darkness tidbits has been travelling at Warp 10 lately. We got a full but vague plot description last week and then just the other day the poster, which in no way was supposed to evoke The Dark Knight Rises I’m sure, was released. We know that the first full trailer will premiere before The Hobbit on December 14th, but apparently another teaser version of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer will have its premiere online tomorrow, December 6th.

And unlike the original teaser for Star Trek back in 2008 that was footage not included in the film showing the Enterprise in space dock being built, the minute-long teaser will feature actual footage from Into Darkness which will be seen in further detail in the full trailer on the 14th. So far the only thing we’ve seen from the movie is three frames of Spock that J.J. Abrams teased on Conan. So come this time tomorrow hopefully there will be quite a few more images to get us excited for the film’s release next year.

First ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Poster is Heavy on the Cumberbatch, Light on the Whole Space Thing

Last week we were treated to a very vague, mysterious plot description for Star Trek Into Darkness, and asides from a few stolen set pics, it was the first official tidbit of sequel news Paramount gave us. Today, one more crumb from gargantuan mouth of J.J. Abrams has fallen onto the proverbial mouth of fanboys everywhere as Simon Pegg has tweeted the first official poster for next year’s Trek movie.

So it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is standing on a pile of fiery rubble, overlooking the destruction I can only imagine he caused (unless this new Trek timeline is still somehow connected to Final Frontier and all the mayhem is actually being caused by Sha Ka Ree) and if I’m not mistaken, that’s Earth in the background. So there it is–the first poster for Terminator: Salvation Star Trek Into Darkness. And don’t forget that the first official trailer for the movie will play before The Hobbit next week. Read more… »

Sequels News! ‘Star Trek 2′ & ‘Wanted 2′ Discussed!

Sequels talk is all the rage at the moment, what with The Expendables 2 and Taken 2 on the horizon over the next few months as well as the eagerly anticipated third addition to Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, so it’s also good to know that 2013 will have it’s fair share of new instalments too.

The Hangover, Scary Movie, Die Hard, Iron Man, Fast and Furious, Thor, Anchorman and Sin City franchises will all get sequels over the next 18 months but it’s J.J Abrams Star Trek 2 that will be the most anticipated.

And with filming still currently taking place, it’s star Chris Pine has taken time out to discuss the project and reveal what we can expect. Click below to check out what he had to say as well as the latest developments with Timur Bekmambetov’s Wanted 2, which he has been talking about whilst promoting Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.