Who is John Harrison and Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Playing Him in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

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bill-swift - December 12, 2012

We've been kept in the dark over the true nature of Benedict Cumberbatch's villainous role in Star Trek Into Darkness. We all assumed he was playing a less Mexican version of Khan noonien Singh, the genetially enhance superhuman who took over part of the Earth in revolution was frozen and cast off into space only to be thawed out and marooned by Kirk and Co., spending years on a desolate planet until Chekov made the mistake of showing up on the wrong planet. Then we thought he was playing Gary Mitchell, a TOS character and friend of Kirk who eventually grows crazy from telekinetic powers and has to be killed by Kirk before he can harm the ship and crew.

But now, we're officially being told from Paramount that Cumberbatch will in fact be playing John Harrison. In Trek canon, Harrison is a TOS crew-member who did happen to appear in 'Space Seed', the episode that introduced Khan as a character. So is B. Cum playing a former Fleet officer, out for revenge for some reason? Or is this name just a pseudonym in order for him to gain access to get that vengeance he seems to want so badly from the first trailer. Is he still actually playing Khan?

Hopefully the truth will be revealed when the full trailer premieres before The Hobbit next week, as it's been explained that the answer won't be given in the 9-minute preview of Star Trek into Darkness hitting IMAX theaters next week.

What can be confirmed thanks to however is that blond beauty Alice Eveis in fact playing Carol Marcus, the scientist, creator of the Genesis Project and the woman who Kirk eventually aims his phaser at, set to impregnate.

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