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Rita Bendek and Her Daughter in Lingerie For Everything That Is So Right About Being Wrong

When somebody tells you that something is so wrong, that’s when you know you’re onto something good. Our creatively prurient friends at SoHo magazine down Sudamericana way have come up with another truly inspired pictorial. This time, featuring Colombian actress Rita Bendek (who made an appearance in that craptastic Love in the Time of Cholera adaptation film a few years ago) and her daughter Camila Jones in a naughty teasy lingerie twosome. It’s just, well, it’s just simply so wrong it’s spectacular.

Now, there will be those of you who feel somewhat uncomfortable watching a mom and daughter embraced lovingly in but their skimpy bits of lingerie. To you I say, I am sorry for your loss. Enjoy.

Catalina Londono Topless Re-Creation of Some Magical Movie Moments

Catalina Londono Topless Movie Remakes SoHo Photoshoot
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As much as we adore smoking hot Colombian women is just a little bit more than we admire the brain trust at SoHo magazine down Sudamericana way who keep coming up with ingenious ways to reveal their nation’s finest looking ladies in more creative visual displays.

In their most recent nutty incarnation, they’ve obtained the sextastic services of super hottie Catalina Londono to re-imagine movies such as E.T., the Shining, American Beauty, and, well, you really really must take a look. As amusing as it is, also something of a reminder of how much better American cinema could be with the addition of some full frontal goodness. Enjoy.

Martha Medina Nekkid Pictures to Heal the Partisan Divide

Martha Medina Nekkid from the Left Side of Politics in Soho
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I’m not sure exactly how creative meetings go at Soho magazine, but the boys down Sudamericana way love their themes, today being politics, err, the partisan divide in their own nation of Colombia, not unlike our own, meaning, totally boring, without the addition of nekkid hot women that is. So, they did.

Martha Medina, a sultry model from down Colombia way and a contestant on their edition of Next Top Model, gets all into her Left (above) and Right (below) separate photoshoots, reflecting that stereotypes of both sides of the aisle can be hot if the debate is left entirely to which side shows the better booty and boobtastic. I abhor most everything to do with politic, but this could be the tipping point. Martha is much hotter than Lincoln. Enjoy.

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Natalia Paris Invokes Cinderella for Sextastic Sudamericana Shoot

You know nobody loves a good cosplay more than I. You start getting into fairytales, start throwing in Colombina hottie models like Natalia Paris (even though she seems to be crazy), and I am more than sold. I am oversold.

Shot for our friends at Soho magazine, Natalia Paris is living out a legendary tale of one hot blonde with two ugly stepsisters who keep her around to cook and clean and be their slave. I guess that’s wrong to do, although I am imagining being Natalia’s master right about now and finding it feels kind of right. Bad, yes, but good bad, very good bad. Enjoy.

Andrea Guzman and Her Namesake Topless For a Black and White Concept

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I’m not sure if this idea is genius, or just genius, but our friends at SoHo magazine down Sudamericana way decided to pair up Colombian hottie celebrities like Andrea Guzman and then find hot women with the same exact name and shoot them both together without much clothes on. Okay, I’m going to say genius. Truly any concept that involves sextastic women and flashing their hot lady junk, it’s a winner.

This is the same magazine that recently got mothers and daughters together for a shoot, so they’ve got some serious canoodling going on in their creative department. Consider me a big fan. Enjoy.

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Andrea Buitrago Topless Mountaintop Modeling To Increase Your Heavy Breathing

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We love all things Colombiana. Those long sultry Latina ladies from Sudamericana with the long locks that you certainly must be imagining whipping about your face in sweaty fashion during heated making of the sexy time play. I’m imagining it right now, so if you see tons of typos, that’s probably why. Also, I can’t spell.

Colombian model Andrea Buitrago is featured in this month’s Soho magazine, the publication of all things hot and female down equatorial way. Taking Andrea up into the mountains for a shoot was genius. Getting her to stare wantonly while removing her top was even more genius-er. Oh, gas up the RV, it’s time for another trip down the Pan-American highway. Enjoy.


Thank God It’s Funbags! Monica Restrepo Drops Her Top for Miss World Colombia Greatness

Monica Restrepo Topless Photoshoot in SoHo Magazine
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Holy hell we made it to Friday. The Friday after some of us (okay, me) made some horrible Super Bowl bets. The Friday of the Big Storm. The Friday before Valentine’s Day when all of us will royally eff up with our girls and wonder why we just dropped $100+ to sleep on the couch.  Yeah, that Friday. But it can be saved. All saved. With the help of one gorgeous woman stripping out of her clothes.

And that woman today is Monica Restrepo, Miss World Colombia from 2011, who takes her fine everything and puts it and them on display in Soho magazine this month, for just a double dose of Latina hotness, to remind us that no matter how cloudy the skies, the silver lining is most often found in the tanned skin of one fine sextastic woman. Cheer up, people, it’s the weekend.

Thank God It’s Funbags.