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Unpublished Topless Erika Moreno Photos From Soho, Simply Huggable

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I don’t know about you, but I fell deeply into cavernous levels of lust with Argentinean model Erika Moreno when we first caught sight of her unclothed alluring sights last month. So imagine my overt glee when previously unpublished photos from the same shoot suddenly appeared like a Christmas morning perfectly wrapped gift. Well, wrapped with stellar boobtastic and one massive amount of tingles. So, better than a toy train.

The brunette hottie has the wonderful blessings to not only be able to feel up her own sweet melons, but expose their perfection for the rest of the leering world to get a little something something as well. I could live to be a thousand and never grow weary of sweet Latina’s flashing their ridiculously hot teats. In fact, that might actually be the recipe for living to a thousand. I’ll let you know how it goes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

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Colombian Model Hottie Isabella Obregon Topless In Just Shoes (I Know, Just Shoes!)

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Solo shoes. I accept that as an acceptable level of wardrobe for sweet sultry Latina model Isabella Obregon posing for the skin loving good folks at Soho magazine down Colombiana way. This very basic model set, including boots only, certainly brings out the best and the boobtastic in Isabella, who can carry a photoshoot with just the tools the Good Lord lent her.

As I make my plans for my next road trip down the Pan-American highway, don’t think I’m not circling on the map the location of all the finest ladies in South America. If I can’t be personally turned down or slapped or beat up by at least 100 of Sudamericana’s hottest women’s brothers, I will not consider it a successful trip. Isabella Obregon, expect a knock on your door. I come in peace. Please tell your brother to hit me in the gut, my face is my livelihood. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

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Hot Colombian Models in Mesh? Could That Really Be a Thing?

Soho Magazine Best of Women in Mesh
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There are many reasons to be unreasonably fond of our friends at SoHo magazine down Colombiana way. First, crazy hot Latina model photoshoots. That alone would be enough to call them amigos. But then you add in the fact they come up with the prurient pictorial concepts of a randy teenage boy, and, well, they’re pushing into best friend territory.

The good men and women at SoHo thought, why not put together our very los mas sextasticos photos of hot Colombian models they’ve shot wearing see-through mesh. To which I thought, holy moley I can’t believe there are other people on this same planet who think the same as me. You’ve really got to see this. It’s memorable and will put you in the spirit of giving. Just make sure to lay down the plastic sheets before you give. Enjoy.

Barbara de Regil Lingerie Shoot for Soho Magazine, Super En Fuego Latina Thespianics

I couldn’t possibly get enough of sultry hot Mexican actresses taking off their clothes, or most all of their clothes, for outrageous alluring shoots as this look at Barbara de Regil in her white panties and bras for Soho Magazine Mexico. Now, you may not keep your satellite dish trained South of the border as I do for all the hot raven-haired beauties in film and television, but then you can count on me to bring you the best of those smoking hot Latinas. Like Barbara who makes me want to watch eleven more movies I can barely understand just to see her swishing her sextastic lady form in barely there clothing.

One day, I really must perfect my Spanish language skills and woo many hot young drama queens of Mexico and points South. It’s sort of my destiny I suppose, I mean, once I conclude my destiny of watching every single NFL Sunday Ticket game without missing a play on any. I’m like Hercules, I need more than just one great challenge. But when the time comes, Barbra, trust me, I shall be at your doorstep singing canciones on my mandolin and holding up at least seven possible shades of nail polish to do your toes. I know, there’s no way she says no. Enjoy.

Colombian Nekkid Hot Models With Colombian Soccer Player Greats? Yep, It’s a Thing

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With all the hullabaloo around the World Cup and all the hotties partaking in the exhibition scene therein, we really almost missed out on the motif crazy folks at Soho magazine who put together soccer player greats from Colombia with current day wicked hot models from their home country as well for a splendid display of athleticism and hot female bums and funbags. Now, that’s a motif.

The World Cup itself became a big battleground for hot girls from around the world to show off their own talents in Brazil in hopes of being discovered as the next big super-sextastic fan. I’m not sure all of them were actually sporting fans, but who cared. Soccer really does bring out the lovely looking ladies and their showy tops. That alone makes 0-0 games worth watching. Enjoy.

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Maribel Suarez Topless Amid a Table of Grubby Food (Sure, I’ll Take Some of That)

Maribel Suarez Topless Photoshoot for Soho Magazine
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Our friends at Soho magazine sure do love their fetish themes. I’m pretty much in favor of all of their artistic invention as they undoubtedly come along with a wicked hot Colombian model like Maribel Suarez removing her top and flashing her crazy hot Latina body. Everything goes good with topless sextastic Colombiana main dish.

In this latest visual feast, literally, Maribel is topless amid a series of dining and food scenes representing fattening food high in cholesterol and eaten by people apparently oblivious to a smoking hot sultry model nekkid at their table. I love to get my grub on as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure I could ignore that. In fact, I know I couldn’t. Take in this peeping spectacle and just imagine how much better you could make your dining room centerpieces. Enjoy.

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Zuria Vega Lingerie En Fuego For Further Telenovela Latina Hottie Amor

Perhaps you don’t have Un Refugio para el Amor scheduled on your DVR because you don’t want tons of Spanish language telenovelas. But you should. It remains the hottest hot bed of hotties on most any moving picture medium. Not even considering the bitch slapping and heel-wearing fights, you have a bevy of Latina beauties whose numbers are literally higher than I can count in Spanish.

Zuria Vega stars in Un Refugio para el Amor and just steals the show with her sweet sultry charms, on nearly full display in Soho magazine. Her body, her allure, her undies, it’s all working in perfect harmony for the passion inducement of a sultry lady. Wow. Enjoy.