Kim Kardashian Big Busty Cleavage In A See Through Bodysuit While In London

Every day I wake up and wonder what level of nekkid Kim Kardashian will be sporting. She rarely disappoints. Last night’s selection was a see-through bodysuit thing with more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Never one to shy away from revealing some skin, you could see copious amounts of those legendary ta-tas. What can I say about Kim’s jubblies that hasn’t been said before? They defy words, but I try anyway to write about them. One day, I will write an epic poem about them. It will be the Iliad of today only instead of it being about a war it will just be about Kim’s boobage. And her booty, lest we forget that perfect model of buttdom. I sometimes pretend my pillow is her booty when I snuggle into it to go to sleep at night.

But I digress. Some people say they are sick of seeing Kim naked. Those people are wrong. There is no getting sick of that body.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews/INF/Splash

India Reynolds Teases In See Through Lingerie

Busty Britty brunette veteran hottie India Reynolds chose to do a little covering up by way of not much cover up for this Pabo Lingerie shoot. The often topless glamourous of models was in see-through lingerie for a change of pace, but hardly any change to her award winning ridiculously hot body. You can pretty much see it all if you leer hard enough and why wouldn’t you leer hard enough? This peek-a-boo hobby of ours doesn’t ask much of you, but it does insist upon some decent eyeball commitment.

I’ve lusted for India Reynolds since the day her outrageously lust inducing body met my nervous system. It’s hardly stopped or waned, if anything, increased. If she’s moving now into teasy lingerie shoots, I’m going to need to give up my day job to make more time. Don’t worry, this is my night job. My day job involves playing a cowboy at bachelorette parties. I’m not proud of the work, but I do make enough money to treat the bites. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pabo Lingerie

Blanka Somogyi See-Through to the Pasties for the Hungarian Hottie Win

I’m not sure why super hot young fast rising Hungarian model Blanka Somogyi is wearing stars on her precious headlights, but it’s perhaps all that is detracting from the near perfection of her wicked hot visuals in this Alessandro Casagrande sexually charged model shoot. It may also be necessary to keep these photos entirely on the up and up.

I do so like the candid style heavily untouched photowork of my favorite beauties from all parts of this world wide hot lady filled globe. Oh, sometimes the props get a bit silly, but it’s the kind of introduction to pure sextastic you simply can’t get in staged magazine airbrushed shoots. And I want you to like Blanka, so when I bring her home for dinner to meet you, you approve of our relationship. Even if it is primarily involving down feathers and games of ‘I Bet You Can’t’. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Casagrande

Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski , and Elizabeth Olsen Highlight the Hotties at the Tom Ford Super Expensive Clothes Event

With all of A-List Hollywood assembled within the thirty mile zone for Oscar weekend, plenty of other outlets took advantage of the talent pool in town to host their own galas and events and generally hot-lady loaded evenings. Including Tom Ford collection for 2030 or something like that. What everybody who spends a ton of money on clothes will be wearing in fifteen years. I’m sure it’s important. I know the red carpet was stacked with show-off decked out hotties like Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski, Elizabeth Olsen, and Gina Gershon looking like one million Bill Swift Monopoly dollars. And that’s just the tip of the sextastic iceberg.

There’s something to be said for the parade of alluring celebrities who spend the entire Academy Awards weekend with perfect hair and makeup strapped into impossibly tight expensive gowns and covered in jewels. And that thing to be said is, I’m not even close to affording any of them. But when the powers that be escalate that minimum wage floor, don’t think I won’t be getting that much closer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Pam Anderson Steps Out See-Through to Her Moneymakers

It’s never been like Pamela Anderson to be shy about showing off her funbags in public. Going into an event, she tends to still be semi-dressed, so she’s aided by use of a see-through top which with a little photographers lighting turns out to be nothing more than a thin veil for her bare braless Funions. I can respect that. Especially now that it looks like Pam will be single once more with her pending re-divorce. A woman’s prospects were never limited by flashing her top wares.

Pamela Anderson has been exhibiting her jugs of plenty ever since I can remember. It might actually date back to the time of the Pilgrims if I’m not mistaken. It’s been a while. And when you do anything for a while, not to mention for your livelihood, you tend to get very good at it. She could probably teach a class on the sweet teat reveal in the town square. Everybody is good at something, you just need to figure out what it is. Pam knows. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/PacificCoastNews

Suki Waterhouse And Shay Mitchell Plunge Into Vanity Fair Young Hollywood Party

When Vanity Fair invites you to a party, you put on your finest showiest outfit and you head right on over. Okay, maybe six hours of hair and makeup first. There is a protocol. When Vanity Fair throws their Young Hollywood Party, well even I take a minute to brush my hair so I’l look half decent from my rooftop perch across the street from the party. Don’t worry, but Young Hollywood they mean the lovely thespianics and models in their early 20′s for the most part, like underrated hottie Shay Mitchell and Bradley Cooper’s young girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse.

Zoey Deutch and Victoria Justice and Sarah Hyland and Maria Menounos showed up just because they had killer dresses to wear and hear there was an open bar. Fair enough. The more hotties the merrier I always say. In fact, it’s tattooed on my ankle. February is the month of the biggest parties in Hollywood, all leading up to The Oscars this Sunday. It will be my distinct privilege to try and remain sober for that sparkling event. 50-50 as of right now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Lea Seydoux Chesty And See Through and All French Kind of Goodness

Lea Seydoux really is a fine piece of French thespianic work. Though for some reason they urge her to look glum in so many photos, I think that’s just the French way of looking thoughtful, Lea has been nekkid onscreen more than just about any other actress in the past several years, making her one of my personal Oscar choices in the category of actress who best supports me. She’s a looker, and when she gets down to photoshoots, she can really turn on the hotness jets.

Featured in Another Magazine, Lea’s all chesty alluring and see-through, showing off her stellar tubes as she so often does on the big screen. Brave, alluring, hot bodied, with a sexy accent. What else do you want from your celebrities? Lea, you just keep on keeping on. You’re doing the Lord’s work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Another Magazine