Daphne Joy Seen In A White Lace See-Through Dress On Rodeo Drive

Professional hot person Daphne Joy was spotted on Rodeo Drive in LA in a dress that is more like the doilies on your grandma’s couch than an actual dress. You can see much more skin than you can fabric in this getup. The crop top shows off her gorgeous bare mid-riff in all its toned sexy goodness. Daphne has quite a rack and you can kind of see all of her ta-tas in the peek-a-boo dress. But let’s not forget Daphne’s curvy hips and booty. She’s got the kind of figure that gets my pressure up. Just look at that thumper, my friends. It’s lovely and smackable. Not that I would actually smack her butt. That’s how people get arrested.

How come I never see hot chicks in see-through dresses when I am on Rodeo Drive? I only see rich old first wives with too much plastic surgery buying overpriced shit to hang on to their faded youth.

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Beyonce Sexy Legs, Charli XCX See-Through Dress, and Chrissy Teigen at Women in Music Luncheon (Where Was My Invite???)

Beyonce and her hot curvy body and killer legs, Charli XCX in a see-through lace dress, and Chrissy Teigen just doing her hot girl thing. Now that’s what I call a get-together. Sort of like a typical Saturday night if you don’t count the lack of sextastic women showing off their flesh but do include Pink Dot delivering Gino’s Pizza Rolls and Beer.

These lovely ladies and others all gather for the Women in Music something something. It’s important that we do honor women in music as it is the content genre that flashes the most sexually charged body part shows. What’s happened in popular music in the past decade is nothing if not astounding in terms of turning pop music into shows that you formerly had to head to your buddy’s bachelor party in Laughlin to see. Sure, it might be corrupting a generation of tweens, but that’s not a huge price to pay for prurient oglers to get to see hot bodies in hardly any clothing twerking and preening and simulating sex on the stage. I’ve been to the Women in Accounting luncheon. Trust me, the Women in Music is far more titillating. No offense, Lady CPAs.

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Kayla Swift 138 Bikini Wet T-Shirt Shoot

Kayla Swift used her prodigious jugs to sell really expensive water in this photoshoot for 138 Water. This young lady has been blessed by the good Lord with a magnificent pair of ta-tas. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was damp with the priceless H2O. The coldness of the day made her nipples stand at attention. She also has quite a fantastic booty. I’d like to wear it as a hat. I really like this 138 Water campaign. I’m not entirely sure what hot chicks and boobs has to do with proper hydration but it works. The reason it does is because boobs make anything better. That is a scientific fact.

I want to frolic on the beach with her in her wet t-shirt. Maybe riding on horses. Yeah, like in the Black Stallion.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Pamela Anderson Boobs And Amber Rose See-Through Skirt At Rolling Stones Exhibition Opening

In the annals of boob history there have perhaps been no funbags of the magnitude of Pamela Anderson. She and Amber Rose were turning heads at a Rolling Stones exhibit opening. Pam Anderson’s boobs have only gotten better like wine. They are the Platonic form of the perfect breast. I mean, just look at them. I remember going to the theater in the mid-90′s to see Barbed Wire starring Pam. Was it a good movie? No. Did I enjoy seeing her boobage 20 feet tall. But it wasn’t all the Pamela boob show. Amber Rose was sporting a see-through skirt. Holy mother of sweet cheeks she’s got a fine behind. She had on a nice thong on and she was showing more whale tail than a whaling expedition.

I wish that I had been there. Why don’t I ever get invited to these kinds of parties? I’m cool….aren’t I?

Photo Credit: Splash News

Jenna Chapple See-Through Bikini Hotness Beach Photoshoot

Professional hot person Jenna Chapple used her immense boobies to sell expensive water in this photoshoot for 138 Water. Jenna’s perfectly round bosoms can be seen in all their glory through the nearly clear shirt. These things are so big and spherical that they attract other smaller boobies in an orbit around them. Jenna has also got a wickedly muscular abdomen that puts most other models to shame. But let’s reflect for a moment on that booty she’s got going there. It’s rare for a model to have this many sextacular attributes all going on at the same time. I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jenna in the near future. And by more I mean both that she’ll work more and my Hanukkah wish to see her nekkid.

I don’t ask for much. All I want under my Hanukkah bush is some…er…Hanukkah bush, if you get my meaning. I know it’s my job to look at hot ladies all day but I just want to see more. Is that so wrong?

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Alexandra Daddario Moist and Nipple Poking Behind the Scenes with GQ

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, I wonder what the bodaciously bosomed hot Alexandra Daddario thespianic looks like in a tight wet see-through sports bra, today is your lucky day. Trust me, I was thinking the same thing too and thanks to a look behind the scenes of her recent GQ magazine article we now have an an answer to our most pressing question. The answer is ‘stellar’ by the way.

Alexandra Daddario made hotline headlines about a year ago now in her topless scene in True Detectives. It was Mr. Skin’s top celebrity nude moment of the year in fact. I don’t like lists so much, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t watched that scene ten thousand times in 2014, wich each viewing just getting better. This wet and oiled down athletic look for the generously funbagged Alexandra isn’t too shabby either. It’s downright passion inducing. This girl has got some serious skills. I can not wait to see what she does next. Enjoy.

Photo Credit GQ Magazine

Ela Rose Shows Major Underboob For Happy Feelings Underneath

Hello again, my darling Ela Rose. When I suggested you try topping yourself since your last bottled water beach side shoot, I never imagined you’d take my challenge so seriously or expeditiously. You have most definitely topped yourself my Swedish pastry or a hottie. This underboob is downright legendary, if not utterly tempting and passion inducing. Say what you will on behalf of cleavage, underboob might just beat it in the best of show category.

Ela, your body will probably be the happy death of me. How you manage to keep that wet top from going into the sky and revealing your fully blessed peaches I do not know, though I would surely like to experiment with hands-on for the sake of science. Just so damn hot. Enjoy.

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