See-Through Posts:

Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin in See-Through Lingerie for Show Magazine

Massively endowed beauty Nicole 'Coco' Austin did a revealing spread for Show Magazine in see-through lingerie. She wore a backless neglige thing that was completely transparent and forgot to wear a bra underneath. This allows us a full view of her enormous funbags. These are Santa's sack sized bags of fun, my friends. You get to see the scope of them in the rest of the photos in which a series of bras try, in vain, to contain those chi-chis with their puny fibers. Good luck. The pics also give us a bird's eye view of Coco's splendid booty. She's pretty much the total package. I just want to lay my head between those lady pillows and drift off to dreamy dream land where I will see visions of bouncing love jugs in my head.

Buying this lingerie for your lady will inevitably a let down. I don't know your girl, but I can almost guarantee she won't look like Coco. Unless you date Coco in which case, congrats!

Kim Kardashian Braless In A See-Through Tight Dress

Oh, Kim Kardashian. Every day I wake up, make some coffee, pour myself a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and ask myself, "How will Kim show off her splendid funbags today?" I am never disappointed. Today's entry in the ongoing battle between Kim and clothes is this see-through dress. You can see the exact outline of her Kardashinips because, like most days, Kim forgot to wear a bra. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Kim despises bras more than any other woman in the world. What Earthly object of cotton, silk, and wire could hope to contain such magnificent orbs of lady flesh? None, that's why she doesn't wear them. That Kanye is one lucky bastard. He gets unlimited access to those badboys whenever he wants.

Some people have all the luck. All that we mere mortals can do is stare at her sweater hams and dream of the day when all women have ta-tas like Kim and bras are a thing of the past.

Jodie Gasson Red Light Special Topless Striptease


British hottie Jodie Gasson shook her stuff in a topless striptease photoshoot. She started out wearing a see-through mesh top, giving you a preview of her extraordinary funbags. Then she took it off, (it is a striptease themed shoot after all), and there they were, her lovely giant naturals. At least, I think their natural. It doesn't really matter, they are great. Jodie is curvy, which I really like. My grandfather always told me that you can't trust a woman who is too skinny and doesn't have boobs or butt. These are words I live by. Jodie also has a fantastic booty to go with her jugs. If Jodie really was stripping at the local boob emporium I would spend my entire paycheck getting lap dances and hoping to motorboat those luscious ta-tas.

In the meantime, we have these pictures to indulge our Jodie related fantasies.

Sara Malakul Lane In A See-Through Bodysuit

One of the hotter young models to come on the scene lately is Sara Malakul Lane. She is so hot that she can't stand to be fully clothed, which is a good thing. In this photoshoot Sara wore a see-through bodysuit in which you can clearly see everything. It's not one of those see-through things that's really opaque, it's pretty darn clear. Her funbags are a work of art. They should be bronzed and mounted on a pedestal in some art museum for everyone to admire. I like her because she's thin but still curvy. She's got amazing legs that are all toned and long. You can see a hint of her lady parts as well. My favorite picture is the one in which she's inserted her fingers in the bottom seam of the crotch as if she's going to reveal something, but doesn't. You flirt.

I hope to see more of Sara in the future. And by more of her I mean both that she gets more work and that she continues to show off skin.

Jessie Andrews See-Through Bushtastic for Terry Richardson Photoshoot


Of all the modern social issues that truly divide men, lady bush has to be one of the most prominent. It's far more bitter and divisive than religion or politics. Those who favor lower coifs on a fine lady and those who do not have been in brutal conflict since the invention of the razor, let alone the wax and laser and all the other advanced depilatory sciences.

Case in point, Jessie Andrews, a woman not shy by profession about bringing the beaver out to play. Shot in see through bra and panties by Terry Richardson, who would call this modest, Jessie exhibits a quite striking furry friend that will certainly create some brother vs. brother type civil unrest between muff enthusiasts and shorn bare advocates. Naturally, the pragmatists like myself among us will only note that Jessie Andrews is wicked hot, knows things we badly want her to teach us, and she could keep an endangered rhino in her shorts and we'd thank the stars for ever getting the chance to be the ones to see for ourselves. Enjoy.

Claire Muzik Wears See-Through Panties for a Hot and Naughty Photoshoot in Huntington Beach


If you happen to like hot Czech models and see-through panties, then this photoshoot is just for you.

I guess the laws about the public displaying of the lady nest are a little looser down Huntington Beach way, because Claire Muzik took her hot body photo object self down to the surfing capital for a little show and tell me how much more to show for the cameras. Not that I'm complaining. I'm mostly whimpering and capturing some of these photos for my next talk to the neighborhood kids on where babies come from. I am very civic minded. Plus, sometimes, I get some 18+ girls looking for a refresher because they missed sex ed back in the day because they had mono.

Claire Muzik, you are my new hero. You and  your lady nest are cordially invited to my next dinner party. Don't be surprised if the mansion and multitude of VIP guess indicated on the invitation turns out to be just me and my studio apartment smelling of Costo potpourri. It's called creative license. I'll warm the cheese. Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato’s Nipples Say Hello

Emily DiDonato took some time out of her busy schedule to show everyone in Miami Beach her nipples. During a recent shoot, Emily wore a shirt that was mostly not there. Her perfectly formed flesh mounds were on full display. I have to respect a girl that's willing to go that extra mile for her art. Some girls stop at flashing a bit of nip or perhaps some sideboob. Not Emily. She wants you to appreciate the entirety of her ladies while still not being completely topless. It's almost like a magic trick only instead of someone making you pick a card, it's a girl in short shorts and a see through shirt. Now that's the kind of magic I can get behind.

One of my favorite things about Emily is her gorgeous big blue eyes. I am a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes. I mean, don't get me wrong the first thing I'd notice would probably be the see through shirt but a close second would be her eyes.Well...OK...maybe not a close second.