See-Through Posts:

Jessie Andrews See-Through Bushtastic for Terry Richardson Photoshoot


Of all the modern social issues that truly divide men, lady bush has to be one of the most prominent. It's far more bitter and divisive than religion or politics. Those who favor lower coifs on a fine lady and those who do not have been in brutal conflict since the invention of the razor, let alone the wax and laser and all the other advanced depilatory sciences.

Case in point, Jessie Andrews, a woman not shy by profession about bringing the beaver out to play. Shot in see through bra and panties by Terry Richardson, who would call this modest, Jessie exhibits a quite striking furry friend that will certainly create some brother vs. brother type civil unrest between muff enthusiasts and shorn bare advocates. Naturally, the pragmatists like myself among us will only note that Jessie Andrews is wicked hot, knows things we badly want her to teach us, and she could keep an endangered rhino in her shorts and we'd thank the stars for ever getting the chance to be the ones to see for ourselves. Enjoy.

Claire Muzik Wears See-Through Panties for a Hot and Naughty Photoshoot in Huntington Beach


If you happen to like hot Czech models and see-through panties, then this photoshoot is just for you.

I guess the laws about the public displaying of the lady nest are a little looser down Huntington Beach way, because Claire Muzik took her hot body photo object self down to the surfing capital for a little show and tell me how much more to show for the cameras. Not that I'm complaining. I'm mostly whimpering and capturing some of these photos for my next talk to the neighborhood kids on where babies come from. I am very civic minded. Plus, sometimes, I get some 18+ girls looking for a refresher because they missed sex ed back in the day because they had mono.

Claire Muzik, you are my new hero. You and  your lady nest are cordially invited to my next dinner party. Don't be surprised if the mansion and multitude of VIP guess indicated on the invitation turns out to be just me and my studio apartment smelling of Costo potpourri. It's called creative license. I'll warm the cheese. Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato’s Nipples Say Hello

Emily DiDonato took some time out of her busy schedule to show everyone in Miami Beach her nipples. During a recent shoot, Emily wore a shirt that was mostly not there. Her perfectly formed flesh mounds were on full display. I have to respect a girl that's willing to go that extra mile for her art. Some girls stop at flashing a bit of nip or perhaps some sideboob. Not Emily. She wants you to appreciate the entirety of her ladies while still not being completely topless. It's almost like a magic trick only instead of someone making you pick a card, it's a girl in short shorts and a see through shirt. Now that's the kind of magic I can get behind.

One of my favorite things about Emily is her gorgeous big blue eyes. I am a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes. I mean, don't get me wrong the first thing I'd notice would probably be the see through shirt but a close second would be her eyes.Well...OK...maybe not a close second.

Jennifer Hawkins Wears a Dress by Egotastic! to Astra Awards

I can pretend I know what the Astra Awards are, but I don't. But I do know who Jennifer Hawkins is, a former Miss Universe, and I do know I greatly approve of her see-through dress. Talk about making a boring awards show suddenly come alive. I imagine there was much eyeball strain during her walk down the crimson promenade in Sydney.

I'm not saying this daring garb is for every woman. I imagine when you put it on you'll know pretty much right away whether or not it is for you. Or, you know, you could have me follow you into the dressing room for an expert opinion. I work on a completely volunteer basis in that regard. If you look like Jennifer Hawkins, I'll even pay for the dress. I'm really easy. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr See-Through Lace Lingerie for Terry Richardson Shoot

Lucky bastard photographer Terry Richardson talked uber-sextastic and freshly single mom Miranda Kerr into wearing the see-through lace bra and some very tiny panties for her latest shoot with the photographer. I guess I can't blame him for trying, nor for succeeding, in getting this incredibly hot Aussie to bare her nipples basically for his cameras.

One of my New Year's resolutions will be to be less jealous of guys who get to hang around incredibly hot women half-nekkid in their studios. If only in part because I'm fortunate on occasion to delve into similar delights. Also, I want to be a better person next year, though, admittedly, that does sound like work and I'm not so big on work. Miranda, call me, I've got some magically see-through lingerie ready to go in my place too. You won't even notice you're wearing it. Enjoy.

Colleen Shannon See-Through Top Water Pimping On the Way to the Pokey

Poor former Playmate Colleen Shannon got into a little trouble with the Feds for trying to smuggle her boyfriend across the Canadian boyfriend. Now it looks like she might be doing a few months of hard time on a very soft and very lucky female prison bunkmate. I suspect Colleen is not quite so pleased with her near future.

But she was kind enough to give us one more glimpse at her sweet melons barely covered in the latest and greatest in the long line of 138 Water photoshoots. We've still never seen the water save for in the multitude of bikini and covered topless publicity shoots, but we'l take it. Just as Colleen will be taken in the women's shower at the Helen Reddy Honor Ranch for Women soon. Everybody has their part to play in this great drama we call life. Enjoy.

Helen Flanagan See-Through Booty Cleavetastic Dress Outside the London Whiskey

Oh, Helen Flanagan, how do I lust thee? Let me count the ways. Well, I'll start with her see through dress bottom flashing her panties-clad booty leaving the Whiskey Mist nightclub in London. Next, I'll go to that cleave revealing front of the dress exhibiting her ripe and beautiful Flanagan funbags.

I'm not going to declare myself a true fashionista, but were I the General Commander of All Things Female Fashion, I would declare this Helen Flanagan dress the mandatory evening wear for all sextastic bosomy soap opera stars. And I would enforce this rule with the sharp end of my Egotastic stick, as it were. Enjoy.