Dakota Johnson See Through Shirt Preparing for Greatness

The film is already in the can. All Dakota Johnson can do now is wait for 50 Shades of Grey to expose her body and submissive bound character to greatness come Valentine’s Day. I’m not suggesting you go see the movie. Despite what your inner teen boy is telling you, taking your lady to a racy movie about BDSM is not going to put you on the happy end of a riding crop with her later that evening. This kind of thinking always backfires. Trust your Uncle Bill. Let her see it with her girlfriends and then just innocently start dressing like a school principal and leaving wooden paddles around the house. Far better.

But back to Dakota Johnson, leaving the gym, preparing to reach the next level of thespianic sextastic success. It must be sort of weird knowing what’s coming and then having to wait so long. Dakota, just know this. When the female viewers rip you for whatever reason, I’ll be here for you. I get you. And I’m now getting my leather restraints. Let’s do this. I love the smell of vulcanized rubber. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/INF

I Can See Kendall Jenner Boobs, Bless You Haute Couture

I believe it’s called high fashion because of that feeling you get when you young models like Kendall Jenner almost essentially topless, minus the five-hundred clams perhaps you’re out for the see-through top. I know Kendall takes her fashion work very serious. She looks very serious in that get up I expect I’ll never see anyone wearing at Denny’s. But mostly I just see one hot finally almost grown up brunette slender vixen showing off her ta-ta’s at Paris Fashion Week. This is a good thing.

Versace is a big pull for Kendall Jenner and in turn she’s providing the fodder for your own big pull. That’s called synergy. Two hears beat as one. Almost literally. Oh, wow, it’s almost surreal how long we waited for Kendall to come of age. She’s not disappointing, just very very expensive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chanel

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Ta-Ta’s Through See-Through Dress Top in the Big Apple

You know, people who describe a dress or outfit as not leaving much to the imagination always strike me as people with very poor imagination skills. Those very same dresses are precisely the kind of visual instrument I use to fuel my imagination. And then things get very adult rated very quickly so I shall pull back a bit. Regardless of how you feel about Lady Gaga personally, you have to admire her willingness to wear very little very often. Or in the case of last night, a very sheer dress without any undergarments. That’s a thing.

Lady Gaga stepped out in Manhattan in a little see-through blue number that the slightest of light caused to reveal her bare funbags beneath. Her bottom commando seemed a little less easily exhibited, but I’m certain a fog lamp of any strength would have showed us where Gaga babies come from. She’s certainly a risk taker. There’s something to be said for the bold women among us. Mostly just a polite thank you and a long lurid stare at their bodies. That’s the game. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Charlotte Springer See-Through Body Suit Becomes Disappearing Body Suit

Click to See uncensored

I’m pretty sure the see-through bodysuit was primarily invented for the sole purpose of being removed shortly after putting on. Like stupid hats, but oh so much better.

Our heavily belusted brunette glamour model Charlotte Springer was kind enough to show us that about three minutes of said sextastic wear is about the maximum time a gentleman ogler can last before his demands to see even more become near riotous. No need for a riot here. Charlotte lovingly obliges with a peel back and reveal of her spectacular ta-ta’s, on par with the clear evening sky in terms of pure marvel. Though I dare you to try and motorboat the sky. Good luck. I suppose the same goes for Charlotte and her heavenly bodies. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Springer


Alena Blohm See Through Lingerie For Love And Lemons and Lust in the Loins

It’s really been almost a year since we feasted peeps upon the fine German hottie known as Alena Blohm. She worked with Victoria’s Secret ever so briefly when they were trying to show the world they owned every attractive woman. Now she’s modeling for Love and Lemons, which easily could be Lust and Loins based upon the devilishly alluring lingerie photos she produced. Wunderbar!

I do so love these Polaroid type candids they take now of the models for the more risque and adventurous merchandisers. They really do add that homegrown sextastic appeal. Like we’re right there in Alena’s boudoir watching her change into her various bras and panties and measuring the awesomeness of her own derriere in the mirror. Dare to dream on that location. Alena Blohm, we need to see more of you, much more of you, stat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Olivia Malone For Love And Lemons

Nikki Mudarris Sheer Nipple Piercing Highly Visible in the Hollywood Nights

Here’s everything I know about Nikki Mudarris. She’s on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, a show on the former music video channel, VH-1, and she has pierced nipples. I’m embarrassed almost to say that I know the TV gig part. The piercing, well, we can all see that for ourselves as Nikki made her way through Los Angeles in a rather sheer dress without much modesty beneath. I’d call it the perfect dress for any occasion, save for perhaps standing before a judge or your grandparents.

When you’re name is Nikki with two ‘k’s’ you’ve got a lot of pressure on your to give a good show in public. There is no Nikki the Shy Librarian, unless it’s the first act of a very naughty fun striptease. That’s probably stereotyping, but I’m sticking with it. As I am sticking with ogling the fine nearly visible funbags of Ms. Mudarris. I assume she doesn’t mind. The cover-up shawl doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. I love a good nipple piercing on a chilly Winter’s eve. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Bai Ling Corset Cleavage At W Magazine Shooting Stars Exhibit

The ever predicative Bai Ling was showing off her goodies in a tight corset at the W Magazine Shooting Stars exhibit. Bai Ling is famous for wearing next to nothing and she didn’t disappoint in what amounted to an outfit that was just glorified underwear. Bai Ling has some pretty righteous ta-tas and she enjoys having them hanging half out for all the world to see. I can respect that. If I were a hot chick with funbags like that I would flash them all the time as well. She was also sporting a see-through lacey skirt thing that exposed her luscious booty for public view. You’ve got to love Bai Ling for her attitude of just not giving an F.

I mean, she kind of scares me too but that’s just another element to the sexiness. Like, you’d hop in bed with her and she’d be lying on a pile of snakes or something but you’d go with it because she’s hot and you don’t want to look like a wuss.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash