Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian’s See-Through Shoot For DuJour Magazine

Kourtney Kardashian showed off her very pregnant nekkid body in the pages of Dujour Magazine. Following in the footsteps of sister Kim, who made the world go insane with her nekkid pics in Paper Magazine, Kourtney displayed her sexy preggers look. Some men don’t like looking at the pregnant female form. Those men are just plain wrong. All the curves are accentuated and the lady is all glowing and whatnot. We are genetically predisposed to find them sexy. Add to that someone who is already pretty fappable like Kourntey and you’ve got a magical combo. She’s covering her nips in some photos but you can clearly see them through a wet see-through dress. Don’t forget how much pregnant women’s boobs grow. It’s one of nature’s great miracles.

Good for Kourtney for showing off her sexy figure when she is hella preggers. Most women wouldn’t have the ovaries to do something like that. I applaud you and ogle you, Kourtney.

Photo Credit: DuJour Magazine

Bai Ling Barely Covered Boobs Are Becoming a Regularly Stellar Sight Around Hollywood

Bai Ling might just be the master of wearing little more than colorful tape over her veteran chesty goodness. I’m not exactly sure how that equals a fashion statement, but I’m a guy who still wears Crocs and has the audacity to call them footwear.

Bai Ling and her 46-year old bits of stellar goodness are just everywhere around town these days barely covered, exhibiting her toned fine female form for the benefit of a guy with a camera up to who knows what. For us perusers of the perfect female body, this makes us very happy. We don’t need to know why, only ogle what lays out before us. In this case, hottie Asian thespianic boobtastic. I’ll take two orders of that to go any day of the week. You’re doing great work, Bai Ling. Keep it up, maybe a little less tape next time. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GSI

Kelly Brook Behind the Nipples, Err, the Scenes of Her Epic 2015 Calendar Shoot

My ultimate nap would be to lay down in the bosomy embrace of Kelly Brook and sleep for days. Well, perhaps five minutes of exploring each other’s intimate limits until my heart rate goes past the red line limit indicated on the stationary bike at the gym. Then, to sleep for days in her warm welcoming boobtastic. Captured behind the scenes of her 2015 wall calendar shoot, Kelly Brook shows you why in black and white or color or just the heavenly scratch and sniff option, she really is one of the most heavenly bodies currently residing on the earth’s surface.

Kelly Brook in see-through little bits of clothing, bending, posing, preening for the camera. It’s almost impossible to wait for 2015. I’ll set my nap time in betwixt her engorged funbags to 1/1/15 so I can wake up atop her chest to the site of her on my wall. I’m doubling down on this fantasy. There’s no stopping me during the holiday season. Enjoy.

Khloe Kardashian Goes Braless In A Sheer Dress

Sexy vixen Khloe Kardashian was poking out all over in a sheer see-through dress at French Montana’s 30th birthday bash. Khloe forgot to wear a bra under her completely transparent dress. It must be a family trait. The result was a fairly clear view of her lady nips. Khloe’s funbags have long been eclipsed by those of her sister Kim but I think it’s high time that we celebrate how big and beautiful Khloe’s ta-tas are. They are nice and plump and they stay where they are supposed to, which as a woman gets older becomes more of a challenge.

The dress was also cut way up on the sides allowing us a view of that other Kardashian feature: her legs and hips. Oh, sweet mother of crap do I love a woman with curves. This is why I love Khloe. She’s never been afraid to show off them thighs.

Dakota Fanning In A Blue See-Through Dress Ace Awards Gala

Dakota Fanning was all grown up in a see-through net dress at the 18th annual Ace Awards Gala in New York City. The blue dress was basically made of the same stuff as basketball hoop netting. So, you could clearly see the bra and panties she had on underneath. All I can say is that Dakota has matured into one serious hottie. She’s got a nice pair of what I call pert and perkies. Her ta-tas are just the right size for her frame but are far from mosquito bites. She’s also got a serious caboose that you could clearly see the shape of through the netting.

I’m glad that she’s of an age now where I don’t have to feel bad about thinking she’s hot. That’s the magic of time. There is always a new set of girls that come of age.

Kris Karson Wet and Dripping By Popular Request

Okay, I made the randy title, but the find belongs entirely to EgoReader ‘Generous Ben’ (I know) and his undying lust for all things teen model Kris Karson. I’m feeling super generous this week and bowing to so many crayon drawn request letters. It’s either my monthly or I’m just filled with the spirit of the season, which has been Christmas since about September 15 according to my local CVS store. It’s not like I concede to reader demands without a reason, you need only look at Kris Kardson in this dripping wet and see-through pictorial to understand that reason.

I happen to have a thing for hot young brunettes showering in their nighties. It’s sort of how I like to imagine the freshman girls dorms at the major state colleges that were far too fun and exciting for me to attend. Kris reminds me of every girl I ever daydreamed about back in the day, only to be roundly responded to with a ‘why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer’ snide comment. Though I did take that advice to heart and start taking pictures and, well, here we are. Welcome to Egotastic!, Kris, please, don’t grab a towel, don’t dry off, but do linger awhile. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the official Kris Karson teen model website for all your hot young model in wet lingerie needs.

Caitlin O’Connor Topless Via See-Through Beach Top and Water Pimping Photoshoot Time

Caitlin O'Connor in a See-Through Top and Bikini Bottom Photoshoot In Malibu
Click to See Uncensored

Finally. I mean, finally. The natural progression of that creepy 138 Water company recurring hottie in Malibu photoshoots has come to some wicked hot topless wonderments of Caitlin O’Connor in a completely see-through top at the beach. I’d say it was worth the wait, since our wait include a look at nearly 50 hot bikini modeling sessions and occasional wardrobe malfunctions. Now, just old-fashioned blessed funbags on display by the model pimping her water available nowhere for sale.

Caitlin, you have one sextastically stellar body. It’s hard to imagine my reaction to seeing such an exhibition at the beach, but suffice it to say, that would be my new favorite beach ever and I’d probably visit daily for the next forty years just hoping for a repeat performance. I am a cat and perfect boobtastic is my saucer of milk. Bless you, Caitlin, on your wardrobe selection. Just wonderful. Enjoy.