Did Bella Hadid Nail Her Mac & Cheese?

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Echo Lawrence - November 27, 2020

Bella Hadid is always binging on really junky good looking food, she makes rice crispy squares almost weekly and indulges in cheese and carbs like she's preparing to run a marathon here. I actually don't know how she manages to keep her skin so clear when she eats all this greasy delicious junk food, or how at 24 she hasn't had to cut gluten out of her diet yet. If there is one skincare routine we need, it's hers.

The model was throwing down in the kitchen for her Thanksgiving feast yesterday, after debuting a new blonde look complete with bangs, which is a wig by the way. Bella shared the inside scoop on how she makes her Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese and a lot of people are coming for her saying it looks really soupy and not good.. Did she nail it?


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