Red Carpet Posts:

Reese Witherspoon Heavenly White Hot Owning the Wild Red Carpet

Okay, we saw Kimberly Cole on this same red carpet for the movie Wild earlier, but let's be honest, Reese Witherspoon is the star of this movie and the girl I dream about nekkid fishing with nightly. She absolutely owned the paparazzi at her own star turning film premiere, as she should, and she did. Reese gets ridiculed at times for her occasionally drunkenly silly outbursts at the po-po, as if the rest of us are somehow immune to acting stupid while under the influence of too many beverages. Reese is by all accounts, just one fine minxy bosomy MILF making her way in the rough streets of Brentwood.

And when Reese gets all decked out for galas and red carpet, man, look out. She is a true knockout. I believe they call this movie star beauty. I just call it, oh, please, may I have a small taste, just a sliver. It's never polite to insist on a big piece of pie. My grandma taught me that. She was a crude lady. Enjoy.

Kimberly Cole Braless Lacy Flashes for the Premiere of Wild

Wild is the epic journey of Reese Witherspoon into nature to recover from a personal tragedy and rediscover her own humanity. Okay, unless Reese has to disrobe to save herself from a feral bear, I'm not going to see this. It sounds too deep for my cursory level understanding of the human condition. Conditions brought on by the likes of MTV hostess and pop singer Kimberly Cole strutting the red carpet of the Wild movie premiere without any bra.

You may have noticed a definite trend in Hollywood fashion of late that is very anti-bra. Or, what you might call, very pro-Egotastic! I'm not sure which fashion maven has convinced so many hot women in the business to show off upstairs commando, but I want to give them a big wet kiss. Or maybe just a box of See's Candies to be safe. Kimberly Cole looked mighty fine in her own backless and braless lacy gown. I do so highly endorse this look. Not to mention the up to one saved in trying to unclasp a brassiere should be so ever fortunate and dexterously impaired as I. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart, Emily Ratajkowski, Jenna Dewan Tatum Highlight the Hotties at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards

You've got me. I have no clue what the Hollywood Film Awards are. Apparently, this is the 18th annual version of the event and I'm still kind of dumbfounded. That's not an unusual state of mind in my regard, and you know I believe we simply can't have enough award shows honoring the benevolent and heroic daily lives of our Hollywood celebrities, such an under-recognized bunch they are. Still, can't say I've ever heard of this one. Though it certainly did bring out the big names in A-list talent along with a bevy of decked out sextastic Tinsel Town lovelies including Kristen Stewart, Emily Ratajkowski, Felicity Jones, Jing Tian, Lia Marie Johnson, Jenna Dewan Tatum and many more.

As always, I fall back on the guiding rule that any event with attractive women is a worthwhile event. Like most of the award shows that will start with award season in January, the upside is the gaggle of glorious hotties who've spent hours looking their best. As they always do. So pass out your shiny trophies and auto-fellate yourself into the seventh level of Nirvana, Hollywood. Just keep on bringing out the smoking hot women in showy gowns and we're all good.

Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Ashley Benson Among the Hotties Showing Off for Baby2Baby Gala

I don't have time to look, well, the energy, but I'll assume Baby2Baby is some awesome cause perhaps serving babies everywhere. Maybe like some milk delivery service. Something worthy of bringing out the super hotties in Hollywood to support. And boy did the lovely ladies of Tinsel Town come out in cleavy droves to this event looking incredibly.

Try on for size Jessica Alba, Ashley Benson, Kate Hudson, Jordana Brewster, and Molly Sims for a little sextastic aperitif. All of these ladies looking more than stellar, all well worthy of carrying my child at some point in the future, maybe even starting today, ladies? Oh, the decked out hotties all fecund and ready to help me amass my small army of Egotastic offspring. My heart swells with pride. Let's just say it's my heart for now. Hot moms really are heaven on earth. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Cleavy At The Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner And Gala

Sexy Selena Gomez was looking particularly cleavy and boobtastic at the Unlikely Heroes Awards dinner and gala. She was sporting a general's jacket looking thing but forgot to wear either a bra or a shirt underneath. Silly Selena. She forgets to wear bras a lot of the time. I must say that I wholeheartedly approve. Selena has some of my favorite ta-tas of anyone in the biz. They are big and shaped nice without looking monstrous on her frame. What I'm saying is that her boobies suit her well. I often write in my dream journal about how it's not fair that Justin Bieber has gotten to nuzzle into those lady pillows while I have not. I know that it's just a stupid wish from a lonely boy from suburban Texas but I would like to hold those bad boys just one time before I die.

That will probably never happen, but I can dream can't I?

Katharine McPhee Tight Dress and Long Legs Nominated for Peeper’s Choice

Look, the People's Choice Awards are annually considered to be the dumbest among the dumb celebrity Award shows in season. There is some stiff competition for that nod, but given how they basically get teens in shoe stores to text their picks among marketing staff selected potential nominees makes the People's Choice Awards into basically the fourteen year old girl OMG he's so cute awards. That being said, well, Katharine McPhee in a super short tight dress. Wow.

Katharine was on hand at the People's Choice Awards nomination something or other in Beverly Hills. Hollywood media loves award season and wishes it could be all year round, so they basically invented a bunch of pre-award season events to make that dream a reality. And Katharine McPhee showed up looking like one million leg and booty dollars. Damn, Katharine, you seem to be taking to newly single life with some tremendous aplomb. Good on you. I don't think I'm allowed to vote, but if I could, I'd pull the level for you. I'm simulating such as we speak. Enjoy.

Emily Ratajkowski Decked Out and Sextastic For the Vogue Fashion Dinner

I guess Vogue is to fashion what Egotastic is to all things sextastic ladies who go to fashion awards. So I respect their authority when it comes to best dressed and all that nonsense. Or I could just judge my self based on the old fashioned standard of who makes me drool the most. That would be Emily Ratajkowski in a super fine hot tight dress. A little more material than we're used to seeing on Emily, and a lot more material than I'm used to seeing in my dreams, but there's no doubt this brunette minxy model looked like my promo queen fantasy.

Emily Ratajkowski is making the transition from hot nekkid model to fashion model. It scares me a little bit. Or a lot, if you judge by the way my hands tremble and tears streak down my cheeks when I think about Emily suddenly determining she no longer needs nekkid shoots in her portfolio of work. But I understand her career goals may be different than my career goals and or ogling goals. I'd hope we can come to some mutual understanding of needs that will still present the opportunity to see her buck nekkid in the future. I think we  all kind of need that. Give peace a chance. Enjoy.