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Lindsey Pelas Topless Full Frontal Goodness (With an Early Easter Offering from Playboy Plus)

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After seeing Lindsey Pelas in her see-through bouncy run through the park, you know I just had to share the source of that blessed bounce with all of you, with a big kudos to our bare ta-ta loving friends at PlayboyPlus. Before Lindsey was a commando jogger, she was a bare model for the bunny magazine. Bare and boobtastic and simply a nice slice of heaven in blonde form.

Playboy Plus is also offering an early bird EASTER BUNNY SIGN UP SPECIAL. You know it’s a big holiday for the folks at Playboy and their offering a special deal that you won’t be finding in any hidden eggs come the real Sunday. Move quick before all the rabbit eared hottie have been taken. Enjoy those Pelas!

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Anna Sophia Berglund Topless Opera Dramatic for Playboy

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We saw Anna Sophia Berglund earlier today in her bikini along the beach, so let’s play my most favorite game in the history of games involving funbags and take a look at Anna Sophie Berglund from her Playboy Playmate pictorial where she showed even more of that heavenly body. Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we can sneak a peek at the blonde bombshell in all of her birthday suit splendid. I think she’s homaging Phantom of the Opera which works out well for me because it’s one of the four musicals I can probably name if waterboarded and forced to do so. Also, she’s wicked hot.


Sometimes I look at women so beautiful and I begin to cry. I like to think it’s me becoming more in touch with my feminine emotional side. But mostly it’s just from being beyond horny and not knowing exactly how to express myself. I go with the former when explaining to other girls why it’s happening. Then they want to mother me, at least until they start noticing what I’m leering at on my screen. Life is so complicated. Sextastic women even more so. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

Linda Zimany Black And White Glittering Topless Perfection For the Bunny Magazine

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So often people say to me, hey, Bill, you owe me twenty bucks. Then I wonder why I even bothered with with fake mustache and glasses to begin with. Perhaps the second most common comment I get is, hey, how about more wicked hot Hungarian sextastic celebs? Why not.

You may know Linda Zimany from perhaps her most famous incident as that hot Playboy model who a drunk Jude Law tried to make out with in a Budapest bar. Not that I blame him for being sloppy drunk or desperately trying to get lucky with Linda Zimany. Therefore but the grace of God go I. Which only makes sense if that means, why God can’t I live Jude Law’s life?

Nevertheless, now it’s time to know Linda from her heavenly Bunny magazine shoot for her homeland courtesy of our good friends at PlayboyPlus, purveyors of all things globally hot and nekkid. In her lone shoot for the glamour magazine, Linda shows why she just might look ridiculously alluring to the male of the species, with or without distilled beverages. I would not throw Linda out of bed for eating crackers, or even three of my ten toes. Hot blonde zombie works for me. Enjoy.

Playboy Plus is celebrating March with the return of the $1 Sign Up special from Playboy Plus. It does not get any better than this. One dollar, one-hundred thousand gloriously hot nekkid women. Do the math, Lord knows I can’t.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

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Bachelor Contestant Jade Elizabeth Roper Topless Stellar Bazoongas in Playboy

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At one point she was Jade Elizabeth. On the current season of The Bachelor, she’s Jade Roper. Online, she’s Jade Elizabeth Roper. Quite frankly, I’ll call her anything she likes provided she just smiles in my direction. Okay, smiles while topless and revealing her stellar ta-ta’s as featured in her Playboy shoot of not so very long ago.

To see more nekkid pictorials of Jade Elizabeth Roper, sign up for PlayboyPlus

I’m not sure how Jade got booted by the Bachelor. I wouldn’t watch that show if some villain had my family held hostage with horrible threats. I can always find new family, it’s my TV time that’s precious. All I know is it’s incredibly staged and the audience skews heavily female which could be the only reason in ‘reality’ a man would ever decided Jade Elizabeth Roper was not the girl for him. Oh, please can it with the ‘she be crazy’ nonsense. A girl who looks like this, you expect a little personality quarks. God doesn’t want anybody to be perfect. There’s simply not fun in that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Colleen Shannon Looked So Hot Earlier, Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy

Colleen Shannon Topless In Leather For Playboy Plus
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I’m fairly helpless to resist my own game now of seeing one sextastic celebrity earlier in the day and no peeking at her without any clothes on later in the day. I’m pretty sure Milton Bradley is about to make me an offer to turn this into a board game. For now, it’s simply platinum blonde hottie Colleen Shannon who we saw earlier in hot pants on the set of a movie, now in no pants at all flashing her tubes emeritus on the pages of Playboy magazine.


People always give the advice not to dwell, but I’ve been dwelling on Colleen’s impossibly hot Playboy body for the past twenty-nine minutes and I feel nothing but fantastic. Maybe I had that advice wrong. Our friends at PlayboyPlus are throwing in a kicker with these stellar shots of Colleen Shannon. A Free Week of Playboy.TV. They want you just to try it out, because everybody who tries it out loves it. I did. You will. Is that dangerous? Not as dangerous as when Colleen Shannon comes to you and asks you if you’ll do anything for her and you say yes before knowing what it is. Because that could happen. Enjoy your Jamaican prison stint. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

I Saw Jaime Pressly on TVLand, Now You Get to See Jaime Pressly Topless in Playboy

Jaime Pressly Topless Bakery Photoshoot for Playboy
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I do miss this game. This udderly delicious turn at seeing one sextastic celebrity hottie clothed by day, or last night actually when I saw Jaime Pressly in her new TV series, Jennifer Falls. And then by day, see her in one of her exquisitely classic topless pictorials in Playboy Magazine from our friends at Playboy Plus, a site that if you don’t belong, you’re simply not wasting time on the Internet properly.

Jaime Pressly has been in the news of late both for her new TV show and for talk about some medical issues related to her breast health. We obviously root for all women on Egotastic!, and we obviously root a bit harder for women who are so hot they make our toes burn just from imagining them on top of us on top of hot cement. Why the cement? I’m not sure, I never question my dreams.

Jaime Pressly and oh, a thousand of her super hot celebrity model and actress nekkid friends can be had on Playboy Plus for just $5.83/month now for Egotastic! readers. If you can think of a better way to spend a few bucks a month than perusing an infinite amount of hot photo and video content of Playmates and celebrities, then I’d like to know. Okay, yes, grandma needs to eat, but outside of that, get Playboy Plus. Enjoy life a little more.

Teri Copley Full Frontal Hotness in Playboy, Oh, Yeah, That’s a Throwback Every Day

Teri Copley Poses Nekkid In Playboy Magazine
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Some of our silver fox readers were wondering if maybe we could use our unholy relation with the Bunny empire to pull out a few more of the classic hotties they grew up having fun time private time to. Why of course said I. Because I like to think of myself as the R-Rated Santa Clause. In that vein, why not look at the incredible sextastic that is Teri Copley, who boys were turning into men to in the early 80′s, and not long after took it all off for Playboy.


The 80′s were such much simpler times. Sexist TV shows like We Got It Maid just seemed downright okay. Now everything has to be hidden and decoded. I’m guessing Teri didn’t mind so much being the blonde bombshell, even if they did make her the cliche bubble head. A gig’s a gig. Trust me, I’m much smarter than what I play on here. I keep telling myself. Check out Teri, take a walk down mammary lane, and enjoy.