Maddie Ziegler is a Bad Bunny!

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Echo Lawrence - October 28, 2020

Maddie Ziegler is known for being the little girl that dances in all of Sia's music videos and during her performances, I think she might even live with the singer or something. She started off on the TV show called Dance Moms and eventually turned into a social media influencer and has recently collaborated with Kate Hudson's brand of activewear, Fabletics, which by the way I've heard is basically a pyramid scheme with contracts that you can't get out of and probably not the best place to buy a pair of leggings.

Now that Maddie is officially 18, she's commemorating the moment by shooting with well know celebrity photographer Tyler Shields as part of his "Bunny" series. The image was shot on a film camera which means Maddie held this pose long enough for Tyler to capture the image, which again shows off her insane flexibility. Maddie wears a latex bodysuit, similar to the one we saw Rumer Willis wear for her shoot with the same photographer, Maddie wore a latex bunny mask to complete the look. The image also ended up on the cover of a UK magazine which is a fun way to remember turning 18 for the dancer!


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