Ooo Bexie Williams, You’re So Sexy

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Mitch Jablonski - July 12, 2019


Say no more, mon amour! Bexie Williams is a natural beauty with an amazing body and an even more amazing life. She has an incredible body and lives in a beautiful part of the world with a bunch of animals and, most importantly, no man around. If that's not enough boxes ticked, I honestly don't know what more you could want...

“My dream was always to move to Bali and two years ago I took the leap and did it,” she tells us. “Now I live on a tropical island with my three rescue dogs and my five rescue kittens,” says this animal lover. “I regularly foster stray puppies and fix them up so they're ready to be adopted.” When she’s not modeling or doing good for animals, you can usually find Bexie doing yoga or taking in some vitamin D. “I love hitting the gym and dancing! I walk my dogs on the beach every day, it’s my meditation,” she says thoughtfully. “I also read and sunbathe as much as I can.”

If you're so inclined, there's a kicking music video down below you could throw on as you peruse the gallery of pics of Bexie... Ooo, Bexie, you're so sexy!

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus