Orange is the New Black

Eva Green Possessed Topless and Natasha Lyonne Carpet Diving Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Azure Parsons in Salem
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The little screen just keeps getting better and better. Certainly boobier and boobier, which suits our purpose just fine. With more cable channel outlets than ever before, not to mention Netflix and other digital distributors now getting into the production act, we gentleman oglers have even more heavenly hot bodies to choose from our on TV screens. It doesn’t hurt that many of the shows featuring the blessed ta-ta’s of their thespianics also happen to be among the best shows available to watch in terms of story and production.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes the inimitable Eva Green flashing her funbags in a possessed manner in Penny Dreadful this past week, Natasha Lyonne and Kimiko Glenn in a rather passionate lesbionic nesting in Orange is the New Black, Tasta Teles topless in the second reason of Rogue, and Azure Persons booty beautiful in Salem. It’s a lot of skin to handle. Don’t take this on as a rookie, it might be too much. I beg of you, not the briar patch! Enjoy.

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Laura Prepon Is Going Home and She’s Taking Her Nekkid Lesbian Prison Breasts with Her

Whose Stupid idea was this, anyway?

If you just started watching Netflix’s new women’s prison dramedy Orange Is the New Black and found yourself thinking, ‘Yeah, I could get used to seeing Donna Pinciotti do topless lesbian shower scenes,’ well, don’t. Get used to it, that is. Although the show was a huge hit with critics and audiences alike, which in turn led Netflix to make the obvious decision to order more episodes, Laura Prepon will not be a regular cast member in Season 2.


Anna Paquin Bra and Panties, Jessica Clark Full Frontal, and More Orange is the New Black in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Catalina Rodriguez is Asstastic in Magic City
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Now we’re talking. A little something something from our friends who work in the small screen department at the major entertainment companies. Some fine actually worth watching TV shows that also happen to include some sextastic celebrity skin. I think we have the makings of a Boob Tube Roundup.

Once again, Anna Paquin is flashing her post-mommy refined body in bra and panties and some magical CGI powers in True Blood, along with co-star Jessica Clark flashing her full frontal goodness, though me thinks I spot a little muff-covering of an un-human like origin. Joining the girls of True Blood, Catalina Rodriguez in Magic City with one epic booty and Laverne Cox showing off her prison tops in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. It’s all good and happening in the BTR today. Enjoy.

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Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon Topless Fooling Around in ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon Topless Scene in 'Orange Is The New Black'
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I’ll say this, Netflix knows how to promote. Especially it’s new original series, Orange is the New Black, about chicks in prison. Not that that concept needs much promotion, but, oh, getting hottie Taylor Schilling repeatedly nekkid in the Big House showers and throwing in a topless makeout session with Laura Prepon. Now that’s a truly memorable marketing campaign without much thinking involved.

I’m prepared to call Orange Is the New Black the best new series on television. When Taylor and Laura start making out nekkid in another show, you let me know and I’ll change picks. Enjoy.

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Jenny Mollen See-Through At ‘Orange is the New Black’ Premiere

Actress Jenny Mollen attended the premiere of Netflix original series Orange is the New Black to support her husband Jason Biggs, and support him she did. With a sheer dress top that became rather see-through with the flash bulbs of photographers, Jenny showed off her bread and butters for the entire world to see.

I’m not prepared to call Jenny the best wife in the world, I don’t know all the wives yet, but I would advise all women that show up at their husband’s work to do so in a boob-revealing top. It will earn your man some serious office points. By the way, the reverse does not hold true for men visiting their wives at work. Please. Enjoy.

‘Orange is the New Black’ Netflix’s New Women’s Prison Dramedy: Cue the Catfight Countdown

Come for the Shower Scenes, Stay for the Ladydrama

Ok, given the vast universe of TV shows to watch, our first choice is almost never lady-centric ladydramas (Sorry, Meredith Baxter). But, what if you added a prison into the mix? Wouldn’t that change the game? It certainly would.

Netflix is banking on that, in fact, with their new lady-prison ladydrama, Orange is the New Black.  It’s exactly that mental image of 70s and 80s prison exploitation films really made us wanna give this one a look-see. Driven by thoughts of Caged Heat, Chained Heat, and Red Heat among others, and all of the torn- jumpsuit catfight-tastic action one expects from such films, we eagerly clicked on Orange‘s newly-dropped trailer.

The basic idea is that Taylor Schilling plays some yuppie white lady who had a lesbian lover once, apparently, with whom she briefly smuggled drugs and now she’s gotta be the new girl in a somewhat hard-core prison. Trailer highlights? A brief nipslip and the line, ‘I have a prison wife, her name is Crazy Eyes.’ Sadly, it’s not what we were expecting, but y’know, if there’s nothing else to watch…

Let the Catfight Countdown begin.