‘Orange is the New Black’ Netflix’s New Women’s Prison Dramedy: Cue the Catfight Countdown

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bill-swift - June 7, 2013

Ok, given the vast universe of TV shows to watch, our first choice is almost never lady-centric ladydramas (Sorry, Meredith Baxter). But, what if you added a prison into the mix? Wouldn't that change the game? It certainly would.

Netflix is banking on that, in fact, with their new lady-prison ladydrama, Orange is the New Black.  It's exactly that mental image of 70s and 80s prison exploitation films really made us wanna give this one a look-see. Driven by thoughts of Caged Heat, Chained Heat, and Red Heat among others, and all of the torn- jumpsuit catfight-tastic action one expects from such films, we eagerly clicked on Orange's newly-dropped trailer.

The basic idea is that Taylor Schilling plays some yuppie white lady who had a lesbian lover once, apparently, with whom she briefly smuggled drugs and now she's gotta be the new girl in a somewhat hard-core prison. Trailer highlights? A brief nipslip and the line, 'I have a prison wife, her name is Crazy Eyes.' Sadly, it's not what we were expecting, but y'know, if there's nothing else to watch...

Let the Catfight Countdown begin.