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Even Fake TV Gay Couples Are Thrilled About the Supreme Court’s Historic Decision Yesterday

Everyone on the internet has been going on and on about the historic Supreme Court rulings yesterday and what they mean for the fight for marriage equality. However, it seems to me that, amidst all the discussion, people have been ignoring the most important question of all: what is this monumental SCOTUS ruling going to mean for television?

Seriously, I'm totally happy for all the dudes and chicks who can now marry each other in California and inherit property without getting taxed up the proverbial ass. But none of that really affects me personally. What I really want to know is, what's going to happen to Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family? Are they going to get married now, or what?

Fortunately show creator Christopher Lloyd spoke to Entertainment Weekly on this very subject. In short, he said they're considering having the two tie the knot.

In long, he said this:

As you can imagine in Cam and Mitchell’s life, they would be feeling that a door has opened that was closed to them. Wouldn’t it be pretty tempting to think about walking through it? We imagine a lot of gay couples today are deciding whether to get married now that it’s open to them. From our standpoint, that’s something to explore.

So there you have it. The Supreme Court's huge decisions yesterday didn't just affect millions of gay Americans. It also affected the only two gay American's Mitt Romney knows anything about—even if they aren't real.

That's powerful stuff.

Sarah Hyland Pushes Up Her Boobs and Flashes Some Legs on Set of ‘Modern Family’

We do so love the fun time daughter hottie Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. Maybe it's her innocent good looks, her youthful invigoration, or just the fact that she's probably seen Sofia Vergara changing her clothes before, but Sarah gets our motors revving well into the vaunted red zone.

Preparing her thespianic craft on the set of the show this week, Sarah showed a little pushed up cleavage beneath her top and a whole lot of long leg for a sextastic shorty and once again reminded us why we'd like to dine with her at Chick-Fil-A until we were almost too stuffed to make mad greasy love together after. Oh, the unctuous oozing mess we would leave behind. Sarah doth inspire. Enjoy.

Sarah Hyland Goes To Jail (Well, Not Really, But Her Mugshots Are Killer Hot)

Thank you kindly to EgoReader 'Ben E.' who knows how the young actress (but not so young, so quit writing us letters you people for a decent world) Sarah Hyland warms and tingles our cockles in this winter time and gladly passed on these glorious stills from Modern Family depicting the minxy little thespianic in some criminally teasy poses.

Now, the booking room at the police station may be new to our private time fantasies, most likely due to the personal experiences we've had over the years in that particular venue, but mixing Sarah Hyland, some handcuffs, a thumbprint ink pad, and a whole lots of desire, I think we could probably work something out. Enjoy.

Imagine Going to Work with Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland Each Day

Now, far be it for me to complain about the co-ed employment sites around this office. Between my six-fingered assistant Gretchen, who was in fact named the hottest girl in grade school in a repeated guttural mumblings from the skeezy school janitor who used to let her handle his mop when nobody was looking, to Qaaea, our Myanmar petite sweetie voted Tech Department's Most Likely to Lose Their Virginity by Age 30 (in an albeit underwhelming competition). So, we got the lookers.

Yet, going to work on the set of Modern Family would mean hanging with Sudamericana veteran sextastic Sofia Vergara and her young protege, the divinely sweet Sarah Hyland, just a couple working gals who present constant visual delights for their co-workers throughout the day. Personally, I'd probably find myself becoming far less productive, unless that is my job title was changed to Sr. VP of Wanking. Just saying. Enjoy.

Sarah Hyland Bikini Pictures Monumental in ‘Modern Family’

Who can not lust Sarah Hyland, the early 20-something playing teen on Modern Family who is ever so slowly peeking out of her G-rated cover to provide bits and pieces of skin-hotness. The sextastic little brunette flashed just a bit of wonderments on last night's Modern Family, a bit of bikini wardrobe spectacular that has fanboys drooling into their Cap'n Crunch and Lactaid bowls this morning. We just had to share with those who haven't already added these photos to their stalking Sarah Hyland closets (our own stalking closet is magnificent and we can imagine will even impress the legal authorities at some point down the road).

It's been a wonderful day for celebrity sextastic here, with Sarah Hyland bikini pictures a nice bit of icing on the hotness cake. Enjoy.