Sextastic Sarah Hyland Is Proud Of Her Beautiful Figure In A Tiny Bralet

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elliot-wolf - July 30, 2018

Sarah Hyland is welcome to slip into my dreams whenever she feels like it. Because I know the beautiful face and body without a name that I see when I close my eyes at night is her. It has to be. Without a doubt. Sarah is perfection in a pint size. I’m not sure how she crammed all of that attractiveness into such a small frame but I’m blown away at the results. She deserves a standing ovation. I forget that she’s also a talented actress. That’s like the icing on the cake. Because she could quit that gig and still make a killing selling tickets for an audience to just ogle her 30 minutes at a time without reciting any lines.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Sarah admitted to working out more than she watches television. A woman can’t get a body like that from sitting on the couch and watching sitcoms all day. Maybe we could work something out when it comes to working out. Like she works out and I watch to make sure her form is flawless. I would have no problem staring at Hyland while she does the elliptical, treadmill, and ThighMaster-like machine. I’d offer to work out along side her, but I feel watching would be the best bet. Wouldn’t want her to develop any bad techniques or else I’d have to blame myself for not keeping a close on the beauty.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA