Ariel Winter’s Dynamite Cleavage For Composure Magazine Spread

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rusty-mattis - October 10, 2018

So, I don't get a lot of modern art. It doesn't bother me at all that some stuff in museums flies right over my head. But I do appreciate all the work and the detail that goes into art even when I don't get it. Same goes for Ariel Winter's cleavage. I really do appreciate Ariel Winter's cleavage.

Buddies of mine go on and on about Ariel Winter and her cleavage. I nod along, agree with them, because I totally get it. I can see the awesomeness of Ariel Winter's cleavage. She works hard at making it look great and that is very much appreciated. Though, I bet she doesn't have to work all that hard, those boobs are pretty awesome on their own. She really doesn't need to do much to make them look friggin' sweet. But when she does, when she's decked out in sexy clothes, Ariel Winter's cleavage can look like the best cleavage around.

Take it from me, a leg guy, Ariel Winter has some pretty great cleavage. That's a solid recommendation, right there. I'm not one of those guys who loves boobs so much they think all boobs are the best. Nope, not me. Ariel Winter, she's got the cleavage of the Gods, if you ask me. Her legs aren't half bad, either.


Photo Credit: Composure