Marie Claire Magazine Posts:

Claudia Schiffer Still Has It (And Then Some)

Hey, they don't just hand out those supermodel monikers to just anybody. At one time, not so long ago, Claudia Schiffer was the hottest model property in the world, among the elites of the elites for runway and magazine work. The German hottie was hanging with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, though she gave most all of it up for family and private time a few years back.

But that's not to say Claudia has lost any of her innate talent. You don't just hand that part back when you semi-retire from your sextastic work. Featured in the new edition of Marie Claire magazine, Claudia shows that she very much still has the skills ready and able to climb right back into the limelight and our lust-lights if she so desired. I'm not sure that she will, but that doesn't mean I won't dream that it's happening. I do really have a thing for this hot German mommy. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Shows Her Sextastic Legs Off in Marie Claire

I shall never grow tired of pleading with Katy Cocktease to show us her boobs. I feel like the Night's Watch in that regard. It's not a passing duty, it's a forever duty, until such time as the pop diva who's done so well for herself with cleavage and tease reveals her true bodily artistry.

Featured in the new edition of Marie Claire magazine, Katy once again shows off her stellar good looks and some gams that hint at fun time girl potential. But, alas, and maybe alack, no ta-ta's included. Katy, you are so very hot, and I'm even willing to believe each new magazine article about how damn happy you are for some new reason, but, honestly, sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, I beseech you, show us your funbags! Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Wicked Hot for Men’s Viewing In Women’s Magazine

You know I run the gauntlet of shame, humiliation, and an inordinate level of California State sales tax to acquire the women's magazines for the local Egotastic! community. I don't expect any awards or accolades for my semi-heroic efforts, but if maybe 2o of you could get together and each chip in five bucks toward a Starbucks card I can soon have enough of them to pay for one drink at that establishment.

But how else to see the sultry minxy Vanessa Hudgens in the upcoming edition of Marie Claire magazine looking so incredibly hot. Vanessa has transitioned ever so smoothly from Disney teen star to naughty grown woman over the past few years, we hardly even noticed (I mean, other than the 1,000 times we have noticed). Now, looking all mature and sextastic like, Vanessa is making a bid for some adult level rankings of hotness, still petite, but toned and feminine all over. If we could just get Vanessa into some of the men's magazines, then we'd really have a thing. Enjoy.

Lea Seydoux Topless Once More in French Magazine


Fresh off the big victory of her lesbionic love film in Cannes, actress Lea Seydoux is giving up another visual taste of her faptastic fineries in this month's Marie Claire France magazine.

Lea is not the least bit shy about showing off her nekkid form onscreen or in magazines, and we're guessing she's not much for clothes in and around the house. Where in our minds, she's rehearsing for the notoriously real sex scene from her recent film.

Even the mere thought of Lea on a bear skin rug bare with another Euro-hottie exploring their thespianic limits, well, that's more than enough to get me to purchase yet another French fashion magazine. Enjoy.

I Think I Can See Olivia Wilde’s Boobs

Oh, it's a shazam of airbrushing from the good folks at Marie Claire magazine giving me so much hope, but failing to deliver on the promise. At least not in the natural world sense. They did some number in post-production on Olivia Wilde in her current spread in their magazine. She's still hot. Olivia is always hot. But somehow they saw fit to try and re-shape her fine funbags beneath her clothes for some odd reason. I wish they'd stop. Just show us the real things or move along.

As we've noted before, women's magazine are the worst offenders when it comes to artificially shaping the images of the women between their folds. Of the magazine that is. While men move further and further toward candid and amateur content, female magazine readers moving more and more toward polish and varnish. Not sure why, but score one for men! And Olivia. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Killer Looks in Marie Claire Remind Us of Our Hermione Dreams

Who knows what the future holds, for next week, let alone the rest of Lucky '13, but we are quite assured that we will not soon lose our lust for anything and all things Emma Watson, who appears in this month's Marie Claire magazine looking far too proper, but way too hot to ignore.

Ever since it was way too unsettling to say aloud, we've had a thing for the British thespianic and her tender but surly Hermione ways, which has only blossomed, as Emma has blossomed into young woman, even shearing off her lovely locks hasn't done much to slow what is assuredly pure and mostly indecent lust. It is the universe's most powerful force. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Getting All Grow’d and Mature Sextastic in Marie Claire Magazine

I can't see a time when I will ever take back any of my comments about Miley Cyrus and her performing talents, but I am a man (oh, yes) who admits when he's done did wrong, and I have really misjudged the potential ascent of Miley Cyrus into the ranks of the kind of mature sextastic celebrity department. We thought maybe Miley peeked as a TV teen, but while some of her personal behavior continues to scream kind of Cyrus-odd-and-weird, her body and looks are saying hotness scholar.

We even dig the new blonde hair, and that Pilates stretched body, and the inclinations for wearing few clothes, it's all coming together for Miley these days, why, we're even checking out her fashion-y spreads in the likes of Marie Claire magazine, where the gravel-voiced teen diva looks very much into the veteran-hottie-model thing, and we're most definitely buying it.

So, in short, we were wrong, and now we're eating crow. While ogling Miley. The universe will open up to you if you just give it a chance sometimes. Enjoy.