Sarah Hyland Grown Up Peeks

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bill-swift - November 18, 2016

I've been waiting what feels like a lifetime for Sarah Hyland to get into racier, more mature leaning peekaboo peeks of her petite sextastic. Realistically I'd wait a thousand lifetimes, but I'd appreciate something a little more expedited in terms of revealing schedules. The short hottie has given hints of getting to that happy visual place through the years, but never fully committed.

Featured in Marie Claire, Sarah gives us another hint and tease of the possibly allure she holds beneath even her quite open tops. It's all there for the eventually viewing, crying, and thanking your higher power. We're getting closer and closer, Sarah. You need to keep apace. Love the braless shirtless thing. If we could simply make a few minor adjustments. Ogling is a game of inches. Literally. Figuratively. Let us adore you in your full glory and the poets shall sing your names. Or at least we can moan your name more effectively. Make this happen, Ms. Hyland. We need funbags. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Indonesia