Amber Heard Open Jacket Peeks

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bill-swift - November 13, 2015

Amber Heard remains, always and likely forever, one smoking hot Hollywood sextastic thespianic and model. Granted, there was something more pruriently passion inducing about her when she was locked in lesbionic trysts with fellow attractive women, but even in her boring marriage now the allure can not be buried beneath an civil veil. The powers to make men weak in the knees always shines through.

Featured in this mini-pictorial in Marie Claire this month, a magazine I search for you so that you can save embarrassment at your dentist's office, Amber wears an open jacket and gives a little hint of the something something's you'd seriously like to cover in whipped cream and play lactose intolerance study with. Amber may never go back to scissor kissing the ladies in her private locker room, but in my mind, she's never stopped. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire