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Love Magazine Skinny Topless Models Compilation (Why? I’m Not Sure)


We are big fans of Love Magazine here at Egotastic! It does provide an array of sextastic celebrity talent off without their tops on. But today, Love Magazine decided to put together an array of skinny happening Euro-models topless showing off their rather slender forms. I'm not exactly sure why. But, we do like to cover the gamut of what's going on boobtastically in this tres chic world of high money modeling. And this is a big part of it.

It's not for everybody, but, if you're into skinny models, here's a little visual preview of what lies beneath. Enjoy.

Raquel Zimmermann Topless Flaunting Her Picture Perfect Body in Love Magazine


Granted, there is all kinds of art and majesty and styling and themes and other elements for which the gentleman ogler has little use in this Raquel Zimmermann topless pictorial in the new edition of Love Magazine. Then again, there is the little matter of the sextastic Brazilian supermodel flashing her swollen perfect funbags in a number of shots designed to be soft enough for a woman, but strong enough for a man.

We only get to see Raquel every now and then. I'm not sure if she's semi-retired or been taking time off from work. At one point, she was ranked as one of the top models in the world and covering so many prominent magazines. I'll gladly accept her return to the fold by way of some perfectly perty mammarial treats. Maybe you can never go home again. But it can't hurt to be topless while you try. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Topless But Arm Covered in Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner is having a ball of a time along her barely legal year of introduction to real modeling. It's not everything we thought or hoped we'd get from the ambitious taller, slender Kardashian, but I think we are getting closer. It's all related to cost-benefit analysis performed by Kris in her dungeon lair.

Kendall is featured barely covered in the Autumn 2014 edition of Love magazine. That's the London magazine that has led to many a model become quite risque. We've linked you out to bits of this before, but herein is the fullest photo gallery possible of hot lanky long Kendall doing what she does best. Posing. Enjoy.

Cara Delevingne Topless and All the Love Rage


There's perhaps no hotter young Britty model these days than Cara Delevinge. She's all the rage at fashion week, magazine spreads, lingerie pictorials (see below), and all around partying at fancy clubs in London type activity that has this girl all the talk of the modeling world. Everybody wants a piece of Cara. Rihanna even chose her as the face and body of her recent fashion line launch in the U.K. Kind of reminds me of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley not so long ago.

Well, now we do get to see more of Cara's pieces in Love magazine, a little bit artsy, a little bit high-brow, but also some bare body and boobtastic as one of our first real glances at the birthday suit of this blowing up model. Since she's only 20, I can't say we've been waiting too long, but I can say that the wait is over. Hello, Cara, welcome to your new home away from home. Enjoy.

Kate Moss Gets Nekkid for Love Magazine (and For Long Time Moss Admirers Everywhere)


Look, I'm an unabashed and unashamed Kate Moss fan. Yes, there is the history of drunken, drug fueled stumbles, and similarly silly relationship and personal life drama, but I'm never not supporting a woman who has been throwing off her clothes for the cameras since a tender teen age, and now at almost forty, is still doing so, and IMHO, looking still more than fine.

In the current edition of the fashion periodical, Love Magazine, Kate drops top and bottom for a full body visual exhibition that you will not find similarly among any of her veteran model peers. It's brave, it's bold, it's downright completely and utterly bare. And we applaud that. While staring. At her muffin. Enjoy.

Linda Evangelista and Saskia de Brauw Topless in Love Magazine Are, Well, Make Up Your Own Mind


Okay, so the good and decent peoples of Europe have contributed much to the world. Epicurean delights, bullet trains, and topless beaches, to name the first three that come to mind off the top of my ever-shrinking brain. And, they've also created art. Lots of art. And weird strange arcane artsiness that often blows right past our intellectual maturity (pegged somewhere at 9th grade boys' room development level). So, often is the case, even in our beloved Euro-periodicals, we get nekkid model and celebrity pictorials that make us say, 'Huh?'. We instinctively know we want to see sextastic women in all modes of undressed, but then a bunch of artsy minded folks go and put it to some bizarre, 'meaningful' bent that often forces us to think, and who wants that?

Take for instance, supermodels Linda Evangelista and Saskia de Brauw topless in Love magazine, it's a real quandary. As always we leave it to our much more mentally capable readers to make up their own minds on this important matter. And, above all else, enjoy.

More Lindsay, More Love: Complete Set of Trashy Lindsay Lohan Photos from Love Magazine Shoot

We kind of previewed it before, but now we get to see Lindsay Lohan in all her trashy lingerie and cigarette smoking glory, in a pictorial by Terry Richardson for Love magazine that, quite frankly, seems like a pretty damn honest vision of the current Lindsay Lohan. A once proudly hot ginger thespianic, now turned into something of a mind-altering substance addicted fiend in and out of the court system, with some truly horrible and dysfunctional parents, and a future that we only hope won't go the way of Whitney.

In the interim, peruse these peurile photos of The Lindsay and see if you don't wax nostalgic for her Mean Girls days. Enjoy.