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Love Magazine Advent Hotties Compilation, 30 Days of Sextastic in One Minute (VIDEO)

Were there actually thirty days of the Love magazine Advent video project? I can’t even recall. I had to stop counting. There were many. Too many to view really. Thus, did I enslave my lovely new video magician Whitney to create this stellar compilation of the best of the Love magazine Advent models and actresses dancing about this past Yuletide into one cool sixty-second cut.

I can’t guarantee you happiness. But I can guarantee you that you have no better use of your next sixty seconds then checking out this little hot ditty. Enjoy.

Credit: Love magazine

Lindsay Ellingson Strips Down to Heavenly Body Bra and Panties For Love Magazine

Let’s be honest. The Love magazine Advent videos for the month of December have been rather hit or miss. Some good, some, well, Kris Jenner. Still, I applaud the effort of merging art with the sextastic, even if the art is so completely unnecessary. Perhaps they ought cut down their quantity next year and focus on the real visual game changes like V.S. model Lindsay Ellingson stripping down for her short form video edition.

Lindsay is one of those peekaboo lingerie and swimsuit models we simply don’t see often enough. She comes around every few months just to remind us how badly we’d like to trade one of our kidneys for five minutes alone with her in a zero gravity bedroom. Okay, that’s my personal dream, you may insert your own. But don’t tell me making the sexy while floating in space hasn’t caught your dreamscape fancy. If not, take a gander at Lindsay and see if you don’t start imagining the very same. Well done, Ms. Ellingson. You’ve raised the happy tingles bar once more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

Irina Shayk Wears Thong Leotard For Love Advent (VIDEO)

Oh, Irina Shayk, how you can move mountains with the simple shake of your booty. Let alone what you can do when you put your whole hot body into your work. The Love Magazine Advent video rolls have been something of a mixed bag this Christmas season, with perhaps some of the best saved for last in the heavenly black and white form of the Russian supermodel. Granted, these were not designed specifically for the manfolk this holiday season, so within the realm of what must be deemed artistic interpretation, you could do much worse than Irina in panties and leather bustier posing her body to and fro.

Naturally, it’s my dream to have Irina before my cameras and encourage her to make love to the lens. Then of course to the man behind the lens. Hey, it’s my dream. Get your own. Rest assured it involves Irina dancing in skimpy little bits of nothing. That booty. And a ring bell that goes off every five minutes for ice cream sandwich breaks. A man needs his fuel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Doug Inglish & Love Magazine

See Irina Dance About in the Video »

Kendall And Kris Jenner Dance In Tights For Love Magazine

As much as I love lust long for Kendall Jenner is as much as the sight of Satan’s least favorite daughter, Kris Jenner, really burns me britches. So I was kind of mixed reaction on sharing these otherwise Kendall in stockings lovely bit of Yuletide merriment from the ongoing Love magazine advent video collage. How mom got a slot in this show is only known between herself, the magazine, and whatever suitcase full of cash exchanged hands. Either way, if you close one eye and focus on the goodness that is Kendall Jenner in her underthings dancing as a reindeer, it’s still pretty hot.

Parents have been ruining their kids mojo since the dawn of time. It’s sort of their job. Kris Jenner is a little different in the scope and breadth of her attention and fee robbing lengths. Nevertheless, I’m kind of Kendall obsessed now that she’s a late teen and I can fully express my feelings with those anatomically correct dolls they use in court cases involving children. Kendall, let’s do Christmas together this year. You can tell mom to stay home if you would please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Doug Inglish @ Love Magazine

Kendall Jenner Covered Topless in Love Magazine, The Full Hot Spread, As It Were

There’s simply no denying that Kendall Jenner has made the modeling industry her bitch. Silver spoon and family connections and not deserving her spot and all other criticisms that don’t really matter aside, Kendall is now one of the biggest gets in the fashion and photography business. I’m not sure she’s done anything particularly herself to cause this beneficial outcome, but she does look mighty tall and lean and hot, so that’s a big something.

Kendall’s Love magazine photos in black and white and hot all over have kind of trickled out in past weeks, but viewing the entire set is something of a spiritual experience. Love or hate the Kardashians, or even Kendall herself for whatever reason, I think you’d have to admit you see her underlying talent for this walking and posing sextastic mannequin line of work. She’s going to be huge. Good for you, Kendall. This is what you wanted and none of us oglers can hardly complain. You look good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

Suki Waterhouse Rides a Chocolate Bar in a Short Dress for Love

Suki Waterhouse might be most famous for being Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, but you don’t get to be called Young Hot Model for nothing. You do need to be young and hot and be a model. I believe those are the three requirements.

Suki is the latest lovely lass to be featured in the Love Magazine video Advent Calendar. I do believe there are twelve girls and twelve days of celebration in total. While the videos themselves are not all exactly Oscar caliber motion picture experiences, it never hurts to film sextastic women in little bits of clothing rocking their tushes back and forth with the Yuletide spirit. Suki Waterhouse included. That Toblerone par alone would cost you $10K at any hotel mini-bar. When it’s between Suki’s long and lovely legs, let’s just assume the price rises along with your spirits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

Hailey Baldwin Bra Dancing to Celebrate Barely Legal in Love Magazine (VIDEO)

Love Magazine refers to their annual dancing of the young models as their advent calendar. It still seems like young models dancing and modeling in their underthings to me, but I’m a purest, also a prurient ogler, so this works out just as well for me as a wall calendar.

Hailey Baldwin just turned eighteen a couple weeks ago and as a Baldwin offspring and Jenner family friend and all around blonde model, she was obliged really to star in this latest and great girl in her bra dancing in an empty motel room memes that seem popular among the teen girl set these days. I can’t speak much to her dancing skills but the modeling talents seem genuine in Stephen’s daughter.

I suspect we’ll be seeing much more of her shortly without the bra, but that’s just a guess, or a hopeful wish now that she’s eighteen and I can express such views without being strangled by a string of pearls from the pearl clutches who keeps the barbarians at the gate. Enjoy.