Kendall Jenner Lingerie and Garters Sneak Peek at Love for the Holidays

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bill-swift - December 1, 2014

A little welcome to December, post holiday gift from me to you. Well, from Kendall Jennerin lingerie to Love Magazine, a sneaky look her this morning at the delightful 19-year old model in black lingerie and stockings and sporting a Santa's helper's hat. My name isn't Santa, but I must admit, I'm feeling rather helped at the moment.

I'm not big into omens, but I'm reasonably dumb enough to read the tea leaves and believe them. If Kendall Jenner in hose and heels bent over posing is how this week is going to kick off, it's going to be one mighty fine week. Bless you, Kendall. And the makers of black lace hosiery everywhere. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love Magazine