Loaded magazine

Georgia Salpa Lingerie Curvy and Fully Loaded

Georgia Salpa has a body I’d love to be invited to be invited to survey for a topographical map. The blogger than went up a hill and came down a mountain over and over again until he was chafed and exhausted. The Irish-Greek Britty styled model just has the entire bodacious brunette thing working double time. It might be triple time, I’m still counting.

Featured in the current edition of Loaded magazine, Georgia Salpa and some bras and panties go a long way toward cementing a solid place in the hot model body Pantheon for the Lady Salpa. Those killer curves are roads to die on, or for, or just pressed up against and suffocating with a smile. Georgia, you are killing me. Enjoy.

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Summer St. Claire Lingerie Pictures Deliver Silky Bits of Sweet Heat

People often say to me, ‘Bill, you owe me money.’ A little less often they say, ‘You only love girls when they’re nekkid.’ Which by the way is a total myth, mom. So can it already. I love women. I happen to love hot women a little more, but the heart wants what the heart wants. But I can find more than enough pleasure in the sight of a clothed, hopefully only slightly, perhaps even little bits of silkiness, woman like Summer St. Claire.

We are routinely blessed to see Summer’s boobtastic bare blessings, but today I am discovering a fully-throttled lust meter ticking away for Summer in this mini-pictorial for Loaded magazine. Perhaps I am growing and maturing as a man. Though I highly highly doubt that. Enjoy.

Beth Humphreys Covered Topless Lingerie Outstandingness for Loaded

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As you well know, I’m in full blown lust for Beth Humphreys, anything, everything, and best of all, wearing nothing. Or as close to it as possible, as she is in little bits of lingerie and hand-bras covering just a minimal bit of her outrageously hot body in this wicked Loaded magazine pictorial.

I see so many places where I would begin my virtual picnic upon Beth’s fine female form. It might just confuse me as to how to proceed. Like Disneyland, you need a plan of attack as to which rides to hit first, and when. I can only hope Beth accepts my ‘Fast Pass’ excuse when I get a little overexcited and I need to leave the park early. There, I just sullied up Disney. Enjoy.

Gracie Lewis Topless and Right Fine Loaded Introduction

Gracie Lewis Topless Shoot for Loaded Magazine 235
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Now, we’ve seen Gracie Lewis before in a bunny manner before (to which I’m quite certain we’ll be sharing with you shortly), but this blue-eyed boobtastic glamour model from Birmingham has never quite made it to the pages of Egotastic! for some ungodly reason.

Thanks to our friends at Loaded magazine, Gracie can now share her personal sextastic splash with our audience, her sweet mischievous look and one stellar female form, all in the cause of titillating, scintillating, and just down right tingle inducing for the purposes of pure visual pleasure. Let’s not complicate this too much. Welcome to Egotastic!, Gracie. Take off your, you know, rest of clothes, and linger awhile. Enjoy.

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Jessica Kingham Topless and Unbound for Loaded

Jessica Kingham Topless Photoshoot for Loaded Magazine 2013
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Jessica Kingham has the type of body men go to war over. Or, in the least, a few sucker punches back and forth in the bar late at night. Her tubes are glorious globes of goodness most certainly created in the factory called Awesome. Accolades for her hot body aside, we must chastise and or lightly but firmly spank Ms. Kingham for simply not appearing in enough visual displays to satiate our Hot Jessica needs.

Featured in the current edition of Loaded, Jessica gets all strapped up, unstrapped, and all around wild-side unleashed with her tremendous funbags playing the starring role in her ridiculously alluring exhibition of womanhood. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be that about negative two inches from Jessica’s sweet female form. It’s like 50-yard line seats to a Super Bowl you can touch. Enjoy.

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Lucy Collett Topless, Ginger, and Grabbing Her Own Funbags Because Why the Heck Not

Lucy Collett Topless in Loaded Magazine 235
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Everytime I see Lucy Collett topless I hear the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds playing in my head. It’s obviously somewhat in reference to her name, but also that dreamy trippy state I feel when staring straight into the glorious funbags of this darling ginger crush Britty babe.

Our friends at Loaded magazine obviously share the same fantastical fascination with Lucy, featuring her in their new edition, and encouraging Lucy to grab hold of her own bazoongas in the manner of a woman quite pleased with her rack. And what’s not be pleased about? If I had Lucy’s luscious melons, you’d never find me out of the bubble bath or without my favorite oversized sponge. Doctors would be forced to warn me about excessive nipple play. It would be tremendous, though, far more fun seeing them teased on the likes of Lucy. Enjoy.

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Caitlin Wynters Topless Summer Heat for Loaded

Caitlin Wynters Topless in Loaded Magazine August 2013
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What’s better in the heart of summer than super fine glamour model Caitlin Wynters. Really, this goes for any season.

Caitlin obliges our sense of sight today with her ridiculously hot body, featured on the pages of Loaded magazine. I’m not sure exactly when I lose it officially peeking at these peeping photos of Caitlin, but I’m pretty sure it’s the minute she starts biting on her thumb. I am a sucker for finger biting going way back to my Japanese fetish video days. Um, I didn’t just say that. The point is, amazingly sextastic and curvaceous women, clothes coming off, couches, and thumb biting all add up to something very special. The best kind of math. Enjoy.

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