Paris Hilton Wears Lingerie In “High Off My Love” Music (VIDEO)

Hall of fame hottie Paris Hilton was looking sexy as hell in lingerie in her new music video “High Off My Love”. She was sporting a blue panties and bra combo that is getting my pressure up. I’ve been a big fan of Paris Hilton in her skivies since a certain video of her surfaced back in the day. All these years later she’s still looking incredible scantily clad. Her historic boobage is is a thing of beauty. Paris has a perfectly perky set of funbags. They are the kind of ta-tas you want to take out to a steak dinner because of their inherent charm. But it is her booty that makes me truly joyous. Paris’ lady humps are as splendid today as they were years ago. How many women can say that their asses look the same as they did fifteen years ago?

Not bloody many. I’m going to check out this video now and slow down the good parts.

Photo Credit: Paris Hilton “High Off My Love”

Yan Yi Bondage And Pasties, It’s Busty Chinese Goodness With the Perfect Hint of Naughty

Somedays you just need a hot busty Asian in various stages of bondage and pasties to kick start you engines. I call those days every days. I really could use a wake up call by way of the bodaciously curved Yan Yi, a Chinese glamour model discovered on our journeys to the Orient in search of the girls who drive men crazy on the Westside of the Pacific.

Yan Yi certainly has the gear to be a serious breaker of men’s bodies and souls, if not hearts and minds, or just bells and whistles. She really seems to know what she’s doing. This isn’t her first bondage and pasties rodeo. Certainly not the last one I’m going to imagine. When Mother Nature invented busty sextastic Chinese girls, she must’ve taken at least a brief break, put her feet up on the table, and just smiles at her handiwork. I would’ve bought her a cup of coffee. Job well done. Enjoy.

Lucia Kopacikova Sultry Slovakian Sextastic In Lingerie

Have I ever mentioned to you before how much I love supremely hot Slovakian girls in lingerie? What? Ten thousand times? Get out of here, that’s exaggerated by at least five times. But Lucia Kopacikova, well, hot damn girl, you put the achy in Slovakian.

Featured in this Henrik Adamsen lingerie shoot, the tall, blonde, and beautiful Eastern European model puts on slinky sultry show that ought to be illegal, or perhaps mandatory legal in a more perfect world, where the mere sight of Lucia might send a man off to make twenty to forty children in the name of relief. The way Lucia primps and preens in these bras and panties and nighties is simply unreal. Yet real, which is so much better than unreal. I bet they feel super soft. I’d risk losing an eye to find out. I really just need one. Lucia, do you see what you’re doing to me? I surrender, now, use me as you wish. Damn, again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Henrik Adamsen

Rachel Mortenson Spilling Over Bikini Top in Agency Test Shots

When you’re an up and coming model, your various outlets and agencies are going to take test shots to size you up for potential. Here’s a look at some of the early shots of L.A. model Rachel Mortenson now working for Guess. Do you see any potential? Yes, I know, a boatload.

The wicked hot boobtastic blonde is spilling over and nearly out of her bikini top which pretty much qualifies her most jobs on earth, including hot fashion model for which her toolbox also seems to be overflowing. There are a number of crazy alluring women in this world, but only a select few have the compelling looks and ridiculously hot body and that mysterious X quality that takes them into the professional stratosphere. Rachel Mortenson, you’ve been places, you are going to even more. If you’d like to stop by my place for a lemonade and a nap along the way, you don’t have to ask twice. My door is always open. I just wish smoking hot blondes walked through more often. I’m sick of the vagrants. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Agency Polaroids

Olivia Greenfield Blonde Bombshell In Lingerie for Cosmo U.K.

If you happen to lust amazingly hot blondes in lingerie making all kinds of alluring poses and faces of passion, then you’ll absolutely fall heels over head for Olivia Greenfield starring in a silk and lace bit of perfection for the latest edition of Cosmo UK. No, you don’t read Cosmo, because I do that for you and bring you all the highlights. This is my cross to bear. When that burden involves Olivia Greenfield all kinds of wicked hot and silky, well, it’s one I take on with a smile.

There are so many incredibly hot famous models and celebrities in this world, I feel like we’ve only begun to melt the tip of the iceberg. Oh, that I could do more while working even less. That is the dream. Also, Olivia gives me shoulder rubs after my long three hour days. That’s an even better day. If she’s doing so while in lingerie, well, that’s the best dream ever. Olivia, I have next Tuesday open. Also, every single other day. My iCal if is your iCal. Text it dirty pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley Greene And Alexandra Daddario Cleavetastic Peeks In Soon to Be Released Burying the Ex

This taut yet to be released in the U.S. cinematic venture happens to feature both Ashley Greene and Alexandra Daddario in cleavy lingerie which means that it’s my vote for the Best Picture Oscar even before I see it, or fast forward through it, if I’m being super honest. The film was showing around last year but is finally coming out in some media next month, wherein I shall carry it tenderly as a newborn to my various consumer electronics appliances and figure out which button to push to make Ashley and Alexandra jiggle in their bras on my screen. I am fairly single minded in my purpose.

People complain about the state of modern cinema without ever stopping to consider the lovely amounts of sextastic celebrity flesh involved in so many works of film art. Let this be an example. Scripts and production are important, but they pale in comparison to casting the likes of Ashley Green and Alexandra Daddario in open top roles. You could film them taking out the garbage in low cut tops and I’d watch for an hour or a year. I’m not alone. I hope. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Burying The Ex” Voltage Pictures

Sammy Braddy Black And White And Lingerie All Over, No Wait, There Goes the Lingerie


Click To See Uncensored

I actually get a powerful, unpleasant feeling when I miss the sight of a fine woman with outrageously splendid knockers. The doctors are still studying the cause of this reaction, but I like to refer to it simple as Funbag Longing. As the way I have felt for a while now about Sammy Braddy, the Britty brunette hottie wonder whose lovely melons have the power to heal all that ails mankind. This man in particular.

We haven’t seen Sammy and her Funions of joy in some time now, but this black and white lingerie striptease spread really brings all those old feelings rushing back into my old feelings container. I can point to it on the stranger danger doll if you like. Sammy just oozes allure and motorboating fantasies out of her fine inch of her female form. She looks good in lingerie. She looks even better out of lingerie. I don’t ever want her to go away again. I’m thinking tall fence, but I’d have to go pre-fab at Home Depot. If I don’t tell them what it’s for, perhaps they’ll help install. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy