Aubrey Evans Enjoys Misty Mountain Air in Sexy Lingerie Photoshoot

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Mitch Jablonski - October 30, 2019

There are few things better in this world than morning mist rising off of the mountains, whether it's revealing nature's majesty or the majestically beautiful Aubrey Evans in sexy lingerie. Granted, there aren't many times in this life you get to see mist rising off the mountains to reveal a beautiful woman in lingerie, so we need to grab on to this opportunity to bask in the glow of Aubrey Evans wearing lingerie in a mountain top setting.

I kinda wish that Aubrey Evans was my neighbor. I don't see anything wrong with waking up to an impromptu photoshoot next door on a given day, provided that it gives me the chance to glimpse Aubrey Evans posing against such a gorgeous backdrop. I certainly hope that Aubrey is a good neighbor, but by virtue of her doing this sort of thing alone, I know it'll be great living next door to her.

So bask in the glow now, because you may not get a chance to see this sight again. It may be years and years before anything comes close to being this sexy, so why not seize the opportunity at hand and just enjoy Aubrey Evans enjoying nature's majesty in her lingerie.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency