Sammy Braddy Black And White And Lingerie All Over, No Wait, There Goes the Lingerie


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I actually get a powerful, unpleasant feeling when I miss the sight of a fine woman with outrageously splendid knockers. The doctors are still studying the cause of this reaction, but I like to refer to it simple as Funbag Longing. As the way I have felt for a while now about Sammy Braddy, the Britty brunette hottie wonder whose lovely melons have the power to heal all that ails mankind. This man in particular.

We haven’t seen Sammy and her Funions of joy in some time now, but this black and white lingerie striptease spread really brings all those old feelings rushing back into my old feelings container. I can point to it on the stranger danger doll if you like. Sammy just oozes allure and motorboating fantasies out of her fine inch of her female form. She looks good in lingerie. She looks even better out of lingerie. I don’t ever want her to go away again. I’m thinking tall fence, but I’d have to go pre-fab at Home Depot. If I don’t tell them what it’s for, perhaps they’ll help install. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sammy Braddy

Kylie Minogue Lingerie Treats and Veteran Peeks for Calendar Duty Well Into the Year

Better late than never. That’s either my motto or it ought to be given how tardy I tend to be on most things in life. But when EgoReader ‘Jason’ shares photos of Kylie Minogue all forties and faptastic in her 2015 Calendar shoots, well, I’m willing to pretend the new year just started. Just as much as I’m prepared to pretend Kylie Minogue is knocking on my door and inquiring if she could possible teach me to be a better lover. Pretend is half or more of what I got.

The veteran hottie pop diva continues to provide stunning visuals of the sextastic variety now really twenty-five years into full stardom and sex symbol duty. It’s quite spectacular how she continues to provide the tingles after all these years. Oh, maybe she needs some friendly lighting and such, but don’t think I wouldn’t set up those spots exactly as she asked to for the purposes of looking even more amazing as our love making lessons began. I’d rent. I am still afraid of commitment. Kylie, you are spectacular. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kylie Minogue Calendar

Marimar Vega Latina Actress Sextastic In Lingerie

Mexican thespianic of TV and film renown and all around Latina hottie, Marimiar Vega took off her clothes and stripped down to her lingerie for Open magazine in her native land, of which we may also benefit up here in the Northern climes. You know how happy I get when the lovely saucy ladies of Spanish language media get into their skivvies for showy pictorials. It’s pretty much a given down Mexico way, part of the job description, and thankfully so.

Marimar reminds us of the power of the passion inducing Latina in her slips and bras and panties. I feel like I’m in the midst of my own telenovela. I can only hope Marimar slaps me for sleeping with her sister, because, by the way, her sister is also quite en fuego. Beat me, pummel me, hit me with your high heels. I’m ready for it all. Just please don’t put your clothes back on. This is really much too much fun. Disfruta.

Photo Credit: Open Mexico

Solveig Mork Hansen Danish Hot In Lingerie With Fishnets

Oh, crazy hot Danish girls. You are perhaps the world’s most under-appreciated commodity.

Solveig Mork Hansen is no longer climbing the ladder to hottie success, she’s jumped several rungs toward the top thanks to her Rookie of the Year award in this year’s SI Swimsuit edition. Indeed, she has nothing but talent and ridiculously hot skills poised to take a big bite out of the future sextastic celebrity market. As evidenced in these highly enticing Vanity Fair Italy photos, Solveig and a little bit of lingerie goes a very long way in terms of making a man feel like a more desperate man. Embrace these feelings, though not too tightly if you’re in a public space. Solveig has so much more to give, but her full effort might just be our happy demise. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair Italy

Natalie Krill Bare Booty and Carice Van Houton GOT Bare Boobtastic Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Some new faces, err bodies, some veteran revealers of the flesh in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup. If only U.S. standard cable would go for nekkidness, we could have something of a jackpot with all their crazy hot thesapianic cast members.

This week’s Roundup includes Carice Van Houten as the wicked witch of the naughty baring ta-ta’s in Game of Thrones, Natalie Krill showing off her body, though not fully for BBC America in Orphan Black, and Merritt Patterson who I’m desperate to see undressed flashing her bra covered bodacious pair in The Royals. It’s a treat of teats on the small screen. Go forth and enjoy.

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Jehane Gigi Paris Crazy Hot Cleavage Reveals in Little Bitty Lingerie

My lust for Jehane Gigi Paris knows no bounds. And I’m a guy with plenty of bounds. She’s just one incredibly divine female form with the looks of a goddess and the eyes of a naughty devil. It’s quite the mix.

In this quite stellar lingerie shoot, Jehane shows why she’s getting gigs and plane tickets around the world to pimp, promote, and otherwise peddle the smallest of wares with her heavenly body. I’ve amended my bucket list now four times just with different plans for Gigi and me, as prevailing laws about perversion and indecency shift over the years. Her especially alluring racktastic could inspire a million men to greatness, or just one man to turn up the music and lock his door. That is her raw power. Mightier than Thor’s hammer and she doesn’t have to ever remember where she left it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Eisen Nepomuceno

Clara Alonso Models Lingerie, You Stare, It’s That Simple

Tall. Check. Hot. Check. Spanish. Si, check. Clara Alonso has been on the super sextastic radar since walking for Victoria’s Secret as just a twenty year old and now in her late 20′s she’s exuding double or treble the hotness back then as she takes on pimping the wares of competitor brand lady’s undies. Oh, man, she could sell water to a drowning man.

Featured in the Triumph Essence lingerie collection, the sultry senorita of my dreams and slightly less familiar in reality shows exactly what one statuesque brunette with a perfect body can do for bras and panties. Mostly make you imagine taking them off of her. But you can’t do that if you don’t buy them first. And now you see how marketing works. Hot girls and lacy underthings. It’s as simple as it is impossible to defend. Clara, you do this so very well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Triumph Essence Lingerie