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Nina Agdal So Damn Hot in Bras and Panties (Get Yourself an Ice Bucket)

Danish Delight Nina Agdal may be conquering the world, but she's not forsaking her hottie roots as one of the world's preeminent lingerie models. Thus came forth Nina and so shall she continue to dominate with her stellar body and come hither looks in photoshoots such as this pictorial for Leonisa Lingerie. Red, black, white, yellow, it matters now when little bits of lace and satin are barely covering Nina's funner parts. Oh, to come back in my next life as Nina's personal lingerie collection. I would just need a little tiny mouth to scream.

Nina Agdal has come so far in the past three years, it's almost hard to imagine. But nothing shall ever match the hardness per se of seeing Nina doing what she does best, making a thong and a bra look like absolutely heaven. Nina, may you never wane. Enjoy.

NIna Agdal Leonisa Lingerie Outtakes Are Deliciously Danish

How sweet is it to see our Danish Delight Nina Agdal in and out of any clothes. But you can't do much finer than just some simple lingerie exposing the innate hotness of this Scandinavian skyrocketing model. Ever since we first laid our prurient eyes upon Nina, we knew she was destined for greatness. It's not that much of a stretch to think that a super fine looking woman with an amazing body and a killer smile would make it far in the modeling business. But Nina also has that special 'it' factor, that sparkle if I may be so emotionally available to say, that puts her in the category of women who make it to the upper echelons of the paid-to-be-ogled category.

This world has tons of very good looking women, but only a small handful rise to the elite levels. That's precisely where Nina is headed, hopefully in not any outerwear. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Tempts Your Very Soul in Lingerie Shoot

Oh, Danish Delight, Nina Agdal, you were invented for this specific purpose, were you not?

Nina appears in the summer lingerie shoot for Leonisa, and, how damn, she is absolute perfection in bras and panties. I mean, obviously, even greater perfection out of her bra and panties, but if you're in the lingerie business, you could make worse decisions than having Nina Agdal sextastic body pimping your merchandise. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Bra and Panties Sweet Goodness for Leonisa

Danish delight Nina Agdal is in big demand these days from any company that can possibly benefit from her hotness and stellar body. Which primarily means swimwear and lingerie companies, like Leonisa, smart enough to jump on the Agdal bandwagon by making Nina the face, err, body of their line of intimate apparel.

How I'd love to get intimately appareled with Nina Agdal. Just look at this whole lot of sextastic in her shiny bras and panties. It's really pointless for me to deny that I'd give my left arm just to unhook her bra with my right. I mean, ideally, I get to keep both for perfectly unfettered massaging of her flawless body. But I could do with just one. And a fifteen minute egg timer allowing me twelve minutes of foreplay, two minutes of sweaty abandon, and one minute for apologies. It'd be perfect. Enjoy.

Natasha Barnard Lingerie Pictures Drop A Bra and Panties Load of Sextastic

You may recognize South African model Natasha Barnard from her recent appearance in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, where the Cape Town girl made quite an entrance. Or you can now meet her in her bra and panties, one ridiculously hot body, pimping out Leonisa lingerie with killer curves and all the makings of a future superstar.

Now, I still never know who these lingerie campaigns are aimed at. I know women buy most of the lingerie, save for myself and my secret shame closet filled with satin and silk. But these photos are certain to provide retail temptation to the menfolk gazing upon these images. So, I guess you can buy some ladies underthings too if you feel so compelled. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Will Haunt Your Horny Soul

Oh, our little Danish treat is back with more high-powered, cleave-powered lingerie pictures, this time for Leonisa lingerie. Nina Agdal, we salute you with the one hand that is not currently south protecting our humility.

As you know, we were the very first persons in this known universe, scientifically documented, to declare that Nina Agdal would be on the tips of the minds of most every man in this world someday soon, way back when, and we're getting ever closer to our first ever correct prediction. And while we'd love to take credit for some outlandish prognostication, just look at Nina modeling bras for Leonisa and you can see that our science consisted of 'Dang, that girl is effin' hot, wait til people get to see her.'

Hey, it's not who invented shit first that counts, it's all about who was first to grab the credit. And we'll take credit for Nina Agdal, the kind of credit where hopefully she someday comes to thank us in person with no clothes on. Enjoy.