Nina Agdal Bra and Panties Sweet Goodness for Leonisa

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bill-swift - July 11, 2013

Danish delight Nina Agdal is in big demand these days from any company that can possibly benefit from her hotness and stellar body. Which primarily means swimwear and lingerie companies, like Leonisa, smart enough to jump on the Agdal bandwagon by making Nina the face, err, body of their line of intimate apparel.

How I'd love to get intimately appareled with Nina Agdal. Just look at this whole lot of sextastic in her shiny bras and panties. It's really pointless for me to deny that I'd give my left arm just to unhook her bra with my right. I mean, ideally, I get to keep both for perfectly unfettered massaging of her flawless body. But I could do with just one. And a fifteen minute egg timer allowing me twelve minutes of foreplay, two minutes of sweaty abandon, and one minute for apologies. It'd be perfect. Enjoy.