La Clover Underwear

Irina Shayk Puts Devilish Hotness Into St. Valentine’s Day Lingerie Collection

We’ve said it a thousand times or more, if you want to be a lingerie marketing genius, hire Irina Shayk to don your skimpy little bits of silk and satin, snap some sextastic photos, and just wait for the orders to start rolling in.

The good folks at La Clover lingerie had the good sense to do just that, and, wow, effin’ wicked displays of undergarment goodness courtesy of the ridiculously sultry Russian model beauty. Just knowing that was what Irina was wearing under her dress would make me do whatever it took to get her to never put on that dress in the first place.

Yes, lingerie, the only really acceptable form of clothing for the super hot. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Lingerie Pictures Turn Silk Into Pure Awesome

If you’re going to pimp lingerie, you have got to get Irina Shayk to sample you wares. It’s a must really. Everything that woman puts on makes you imagine taking it off, including this latest line of silky little nothings from La Clover that simply look like they’re begging to fall of that ridiculously hot body.

To repeat, to be a successful as a lingerie salesperson, design something tiny made out of soft and shiny material, get Irina Shayk to strap your little things on and bend and preen for the cameras. You win awards and get big raises. Go. Enjoy.