Katy Perry: Part of Me

Katy Perry Brings Her Innocent Naughty (In Our Minds) Charms to Japan

Katy Cocktease continued her worldwide pimping and promotion tour in Japan where she put herself on leg-display for the premiere of her blockbuster tweener film, Katy Perry: You Still Can’t See My Tits in 3D. Yes, we’d rather gouge our eyes out with your eyes than see a minute of this spectacle, but there’s no doubt that girls with their parents credit cards and boys who can’t quite explain to their dads why they don’t like sports are flocking to the theaters to catch Katy revealing her true self, without revealing her true self.

There’s no doubt we’d pay a king’s ransom, and or the $78 left in our bank accounts, just for five minutes of ravaging time with Katy Perry, maybe a slight discount now that John Mayer has been there and done that. But, again, we’ere left with the inexplicable desire to shout out, ‘C’mon, Katy Cocktease, show us your boobs!”.

Katy Perry Cut-Out Top New and Ingenious Way to Flash Some Boob to the Folks in Rio

I suppose you could say Katy Cocktease is something of a pioneer when it comes to new and ingenious ways to flash some, but never all, of her flesh-fine boobtastic.

Down in Rio for the premiere of her concert documentary Katy Perry: You Still Can’t See My Tits in 3D, the worldwide singing sensation, fresh off a nice bikini vacation in Miami we all got to enjoy, flashed a new cut-out top look that I think might show more cleavage than her normal 61% ratio, but in such a manner that we feel more teased than ever.

So, standard Katy Cocktease. But, still, undeniably, so hot. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Flashes Her Moneymaking Cleavage at Sydney Premiere of Her Documentary

Katy Cocktease made her way Down Under to the premiere of her new concert doc, Katy Perry: You Still Can’t See My Tits in 3D, and my, did Katy bring her grade-A cocktease game.

Katy’s banners were nearly fully unfurled, but, alas, never fully as she may die without ever going topless (I know we would die if she did) on the red carpet of the Sydney premiere of her movie where apparently Katy explains why her deep-seeded moral beliefs only allow her to be 98.2% nekkid in public, and only then when their is ample paid admission.

For all her faults, we still do so lust Katy Cocktease, but, seriously, Kate, show us your funbags! Enjoy.

Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Victoria Justice Form a Trifecta of Hotness at Katy’s Film Premiere

Not since Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never have I been so truly excited to see a film as Katy Cocktease in her concert doc, Katy Perry: You Still Can’t See My Tits in 3D. When I think of all the wonderful insight into one of the world’s greatest cockteases, going behind the superficial Katy to get really involved with the even more superficial Katy, then you throw in all the divine music, I’m camping out now.

Snapping back to reality, there was one benefit of the Katy Cocktease film premiere, that being the stroll of the hotties along the movie premiere red carpet, which allowed us to see not only Katy, who admittedly looked rather fine, but long time hardcore objects d’ lust Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, together once more. Now that is like a teenaged dream come true. Enjoy.

Katy Perry Sings Ode to Facebook to Promote Her New 3D Movie (VIDEO)

Katy Perry Wide Awake
Katy Perry Loves Facebook!

The day when singers and so-called music artists have run out of things to croon about has finally come. Katy Perry is done singing about aliens, teenage dreams, and last Friday night, because everyone’s favorite cocktease is now singing about Facebook!

Katy dropped her new single, Wide Awake, at the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday. She subsequently released a lyric video for the song, which you can watch in rapture above, that highlights her own career set to Facebook’s Timeline profile.