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NBA Playoff Roundup – The Heat Dominate Pacers

Just one game in the NBA playoffs, and Miami left no doubt who the better team was.

Miami 105 – Indiana 93

Dwyane Wade was just too much for Indiana, scoring 41 points grabbing 10 rebounds, and LeBron James handled the rest with 28 points, six rebounds, seven assists and three steals.

Indiana started off strong, leading by seven after the first quarter and clinging to a two point lead at the half, but Miami owned the second half.  On to the Conference Finals »

Miami Heat Aren’t Choke Artists After All (VIDEO)

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat
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There is a lesson to be learned for the Indiana Pacers in Thursday night’s Game Six loss to the Miami Heat. Do not ever, under any circumstances, do absolutely anything (and I mean anything) to antagonize a team that is better than you.

After Pacers reserve Lance Stephenson made the choke sign when LeBron James missed a free throw in Game Three, the Heat appeared to come alive after appearing to have the energy and drive of a dead fish in Games Two and Three.


Tonight’s Heat and Pacers Game Shaping up as Must Watch TV

It looks like tonight’s game six matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers is going to be one you don’t want to miss. Udonis Haslem is suspended, Danny Granger is going to play through an ankle sprain, and Erik Spoelstra is sick of Indiana’s team going after his guys.

It’s going to be tough for Miami without Haslem; they’ve already been without Chris Bosh for a few games now, so they’ll be really thin inside. LeBron James will probably play a lot of power forward and maybe even some at center. The Heat can’t afford to be messing around and taking cheap fouls though, so I doubt we’ll see them coming out looking to exact revenge on Tyler Hansbrough for bloodying Dwyane Wade in game five, pictured above.

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Miami’s Udonis Haslem, Dexter Pittman Suspended By NBA

David Stern and his squad of enforcers laid the hammer down on the Miami Heat. Seldom used Dexter Pittman has been suspended for three games for throwing a forearm shiver into Lance Stephenson‘s throat, and Udonis Haslem got one game for bashing Tyler Hansbrough.

Neither of these suspensions were totally unexpected, but I thought Haslem might skate by. Guess not. It still remains to be seen if Danny Granger can go for Indiana tomorrow night, so it might even out anyway. Haslem has been somewhat important for the Heat, and nobody had ever really heard of Pittman until he hit Stephenson.

Here’s Pittman’s cheap shot on Stephenson.

Article by Eric Gray

David West Says Player Who Dove at his Knee Will be Dealt With (VIDEO)

David West of the Pacers speaks after game five with the Heat
Don't Mess with David West!

Indiana’s David West sprained his knee in the third quarter of last night’s game with the Heat and didn’t return. Reports say he could have come back, but with the game out of hand there was no reason to risk further injury.

After the game, West told the media that a player dove at his knee. West then said that it would be ‘dealt with.’ Ominous!

West kept it pretty vague, so it’s unlikely that he’ll be reprimanded for making some kind of a threat. He also said he doesn’t need the referees to protect him and that he can take care of himself. After all the physical play, and one really cheap shot by Miami’s Dexter Pittman, game six between the Heat and Pacers tomorrow night is starting to sound like it can’t be missed.

Article by Eric Gray

NBA Playoff Roundup – Heat Torch Pacers

Just one game last night in the NBA Playoffs, and for a blowout, there was a ton of drama in the Miami trouncing of Indiana.

Miami 115 – Indiana 83

Lebron James had 30 points, 10 boards and 8 assists to lead Miami to an easy win over Indiana. He’s the only guy to put up those numbers in consecutive games in the last 25 years, too. But while the score was lopsided, the physicality was pretty evenly dispersed. Dwyane Wade was cut above his eyebrow on a hard foul by Tyler Hansbrough.  Hansbrough then got hammered by Miami’s Udonis Haslem, who may get suspended for it, but I don’t think his foul warrants that.

In the final minute of the game, there was some scrub on scrub justice. Miami’s Dexter Pittman gave Indiana’s Lance Stephenson a cheap shot forearm to the throat. Stephenson angered the Heat by giving LeBron a choke sign after missing a free throw a couple games ago. Pittman will, and should be, suspended. Not like it matters, since he never plays. This Series May Be Over »

LeBron James Leads the Heat to Key Game Four Win

LeBron James of the MIami Heat
Watch LeBron James Take it to the Hole!

The metaphorical nail was in the coffin of the Miami Heat’s season after the star-studded team scored a lackluster 75 points for the second game in a row. Chris Bosh is out. Dwayne Wade is hurting. King James has looked more like a member of the court than the self-appointed monarch.

Another loss in Game Four of their series with the Indiana Pacers would have put them in a 3-1 hole; not insurmountable, but pretty tough. Rather than take his incredible talents back to South Beach with his team in danger of being eliminated, King James decided to retake his throne.