LeBron James Leads the Heat to Key Game Four Win

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bill-swift - May 22, 2012

The metaphorical nail was in the coffin of the Miami Heat's season after the star-studded team scored a lackluster 75 points for the second game in a row. Chris Bosh is out. Dwayne Wade is hurting. King James has looked more like a member of the court than the self-appointed monarch.

Another loss in Game Four of their series with the Indiana Pacers would have put them in a 3-1 hole; not insurmountable, but pretty tough. Rather than take his incredible talents back to South Beach with his team in danger of being eliminated, King James decided to retake his throne.

Without a top-notch performance from LeBron James the Heat would have definitely fizzled. Everything started off on the wrong note as the Pacers got off to a 9-0 start. It was LeBron that got the scoring started and then kept it going throughout the game.

James put on a clinic in Indianapolis Sunday literally taking the Heat on his shoulders and doing it all. He scored, he rebounded, he dished out the assists--the man did it all to the tune of 40 points, 18 rebounds, and 9 assists. His partner in crime, Dwayne Wade, chimed in 30 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists as the Heat won 101-93.

With the series heading back to South Beach, the onus is now on the Pacers to prove that they did indeed win Game 2 and 3, and not just the beneficiary of the Heat playing poorly.

(Here's a prime example of why LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are considered two of the best players in the world.)

Article by Travis Pulver