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Bruna Goncalves Songbird Topless Lingerie Striptease for the Love of Latina Singers

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If you happen to like your Latina singers, you know, especially when they take off their tops in lingerie spreads for South of the Border men’s magazines, then today is your lucky day. Bruna Goncalves isn’t just a singer, she’s belting out tunes of a sextastic nature in lingerie and less in this month’s H Para Hombres magazine for the Spanish alluring adoring crowd.

As you know, the lovely ladies of the Latina set feel far less shame in baring their faptastic bodies for the cameras than do their American counterparts, save maybe Miley who doesn’t seem to own any real clothes. Bruna has one of those stunning female forms that I have to imagine many a boy in Latin America is becoming a man too one or thrice nightly once the lights go out. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H Para Homebres Magazine

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Barbara Islas Drop Dead Latina Soap Star Sextastic

Hola, crazy hot Barbara Islas from south of the border. Another in the line of sextastic brunette telenovela and TV starlets who appear without many clothes in the local men’s magazines because they care more than their counterparts to the north. Okay, that might be a generalization, but TV stars outside the U.S. do seem to understand the more appropriate forms of public relations, such as rolling around in a bed holding their own funbags looking all kinds of sextastic for the cameras.

Barbara Islas, I’m not prepared to say we could spend our lives together just yet. But I can confirm that we should give it a solid go for 24 hours with the DND sign hanging from the handle of my Red Roof Inn suite door. In this manner, we can truly explore each other as people, and also sexual beings, with a big emphasis on the latter and only the former if we still have time. Latina soap stars with incredible ta-ta’s give me all kinds of ideas. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: H Para Hombres Mexico

Magali Mora Topless in the Tub Because Latina Hotties Love Them The Bubbles

Magali Mora Topless Hotness in H Para Hombres
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Our favorite gossip girl from down Argentina way, Magali Mora, comes back in H Para Hombres with a brand new pictorial of teasing, nipple pierced funbag sudsy delights to remind us that naughty girls the world over are really the best trick and the best treat. Magali seems like a rather fun girl and I can see why between her playful attitude and body built for extended play she gets herself embroiled in so many athlete and celebrity scandals in her home country. It’s not as if hot girls and trouble are only an American combination. That’s quite the universal formula. No offense obviously, hot girls, as I will gladly accept all the trouble.

Seeing Magali posing and splashing in this wonderful pictorial I’m reminded that it’s probably time to once again gas up the Egotastic! RV and caravan down the Pan American Highway to extended forays into sultry beauty. This time, less naps, especially when I’m driving. Enjoy.
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Mariana Goulart Topless Nekkid Oiled Down Brazilian Goodness (That’s a Mouthful, Or Two)

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Sometimes you just need a little Goulart in your life. I’ve said that before many times about Izabel Goulart, the hottie Victoria’s Secret model. I don’t know if outrageously unctuous hot Mariana Goulart is related to Izabel or if that’s just a last name given to girls with crazy hot bodies in Brazil when they turn eighteen. That would be some kind of ceremony I’d like to attend. The Annual Goularts.

Featured in H Para Hombres magazine south of the border, Mariana shows what an amazingly sextastic female form, no clothes, and one well baby-oiled down body can do for a camera. Not to mention the leering public who catches sight of the results. Wow. I wonder if in Brazil if they don’t just call it a Local Waxing. This definitely warrants further investigation. Enjoy.

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Jass Reyes Sextastic Latina Songbird in Lingerie

Whoa, baby. Sometimes I do turn the Egotastic! radar system South of the Border and what pings back just blows my mind. Like Jass Reyes, young Mexican songbird and The Voice Mexico contestant and all around hottie in a lingerie spread in H Para Hombres that just might tickle your funny bone, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve heard some of Jass’ music and she sings well enough that I would allow her to be my girlfriend, scampering about mi casa in her little bits of silk and lace while she asks me if I’d like to hear her latest work. And I mention back, absolutely, but you must sing nekkid to reveal your true inner voice. And she says, okay. And I pass out.

Hot brunette Latinas with killer bodies hiding behind glasses might just be about the best thing ever. It certainly feels that way. I might just have to start visiting more record shops on my next southern adventure. Jass Reyes, ever so damn en fuego. Consider me smitten. Enjoy.

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Michelle LaGonrod Sizzles Topless in Black Lingerie and Pure Unadulterated Lust

Michelle Lagonrod Topless in Lingerie for H Para Hombres
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If you happen to like wicked hot Venezuelan models who’ve moved to Mexico to seek fame and fortune and magazines the splendidly focus on hot nekkid Latinas, then you’re going to be heels over head for Michelle LaGonrod and her silky stocking covered body of delights.

Michelle is featured in this month’s H Para Hombres magazine, showing off various passion inducing poses and a body so hot, you can fry an egg on it from 500 feet away. Seeing Michelle like this only reminds me I need to expedite my Spanish language classes, most especially the one where I train in the use of naughty idioms. There are so many things I’d love to do with Michelle in Spanish. Oh, dios mio. I am in lust! Enjoy.

Pamela Williams Topless Boudoir Photos Put the H in What Hombres Must See

Pamela Williams Topless Bedroom Shoot in H Para Hombres July 2014
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Who said there are no hot blondes down Sudamericana way? Not me. I know this to be a fact. Pamela Williams body reveal in H Para Hombres magazine can be Exhibit A in this case. The case of the outrageously hot striptease, because when Pamela starts taking off her clothes, court is most definitely in session. Wow, that was a lame metaphor.

Pamela reminds us that hotness comes in every form or fashion, with topless fun times being the finest form and fashion available. What I wouldn’t give to have her as my Spanish tutor, or just my instructor on how to follow orders. Punish me with one hand, reward with the other, Pamela. If I may make such a suggestion. Oh, my, here come the tingles. Pamela, we must tango. Enjoy.

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