Mas Telenovela Sextastica de Maria Fernanda Malo en H Para Hombres

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bill-swift - August 30, 2012

Yes, I am taking Spanish classes at The Learning Annex, but only because my Craigslist ad offering to trade sensual foot massages with a Latina woman in exchange for linguistics lessons remains non-responded.

You know how we love to watch our especially wicked hot bitch slapping celebrities from South of the Border soap operas. It's like an endless line of women who we'd love to have call us names and hit us over the head with their heels as we made sweet semi-passionate love in the sandy beaches of Acapulco. Or Cancun, from whence Maria Fernanda Malo comes, the bleached blonde Mexican actress who tears it up in many ways on her home country's boob tube, and in the current edition of H Para Hombres magazine, flashing almost every inch of her super fine body.

She's hot, she's saucy, and she's ready to slap the crap out of an abogado or policia at a moments notice. What else could you possible desire in a woman? Disfruta.