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Selena Gomez Getting All Grow’d Up and Cleavy in Glamour Magazine

While rumored reports of the never-ending pending breakup of our belusted Selena Gomez and her teenaged lesbian boyfriend always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, supremely hot pictures of our little Latina diva make us feel warm and prickly on the outside, such as the rush of blood we're currently experiencing seeing cleavetastic photos of Selena on the pages of the December issue of Glamour magazine.

To say we have a crush on Selena Gomez is to say that Cookie Monster would like to food-bang Mrs. Fields, it fills every part of our being, so much so that we are completely willing to overlook The Devil's Midget having been there before us and just focus on the forward looking adventures we'd like to have with this little minxy brunette. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift As Sextastic as Swifty Can Be in Glamour Magazine

Granted, most junior high schools girl these days dress and act more sexually mature than pop superstar Taylor Swift, who seems prepared to go through her entire 20's in the mode of the girl who nailed the Chastity Class final exam to take home the intact hymen prize. (And, yes, the hairbrush in the locked bathroom still remains a free pass, this is the 21st century, natch.)

Nevertheless, there's something alluring about this innocent singer-songwriter who spends her time penning doleful tunes about how her largely effeminate celebrity ex-boyfriends have wronged her in some manner that would only make sense to a girl writing in her Hello Kitty personal journal. We can't shake it, and these photos of Taylor in Glamour magazine, despite being more than fully clothed, aren't really helping. Ince again, we can only imagine getting her out back of the Tastee-Freez and more closely examining her Chastity Class final exam prize. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Way Too Dressed Up (But Still Super Hot and Cleavy) for Glamour Magazine

We saw the behind the scenes from this photoshoot earlier this week (always more fun), now, the final result of all that hard work and wardrobe changes we truly wished we'd been able to peep, Emma Watson on the cover of Glamour magazine for October.

We have a special obsession for the minxy British thespianic, ever since the first Harry Potter movie, when our love was so forbidden until the last when we were desperately searching for any signs of screen cap skin, we've imagined this sweet hot young woman manually maneuvering our wands. I can't imagine our lust ever waning, even when she's wearing way too many clothes. Enjoy.

Emma Watson Hot, Simple, Sexy, Behind the Scenes of Her Glamour Cover Shoot (VIDEO)

Wow and damn, dang, nuts pain. How does Emma Watson manage to look so hot in such simple posing behind the scenes of her October 2012 Glamour photoshoot?

The little sheer tops, the naughty schoolgirl thing, the dressed up grown up Emma. It's all working. Many lost hope when Emma shorn her hair and looked like she was turning her back on her hotness; but she's most definitely back, and this is just behind the scenes, no airbrushing. Just Emma. Hermione hotness. Enjoy.

Check Out Emma BTS of Her Glamour Photoshoot »

Julianne Hough Wicked Rocker Hot For Glamour Magazine

The Julianne Hough hotness pimping going on this week before her film release has truly been magical. Sort of like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley before her big film debut in Transformers 3 last summer, they are pushing Julianne sweet and sextastic in front of every camera they can find this month to pimp the shizz out of Rock of Ages.

In the edition of Glamour magazine just out on the newstands (or swipable from the local mani-pedi salon, if you're as devious as I), the Mormon-dancer-singer-actress-Seacrest-beard puts on an entirely new and different show of lust inducement and I really must I admit, I really do like it. See what you think for your own badself. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Bentover Boobtastic Highlights Glamour Woman of the Year Awards

Well, there were a number of superb celeb hotties at the Glamour Woman of the Years Awards last night in London town, the likes of Sofia Vergara, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria, and Kelly Rowland (who looked especially amazing), but nobody really could steal the scene from uber-sextastic Jessica Alba, most especially when she made an impromptu bend forward to retrieve an item off the ground and revealed a very sweet down top show of her twin MILFtastic wonderements.

I'm not exactly sure how Glamour magazine decides on its voting for Woman of the Year, or what it really means beyond who has the prettiest accessories that match well with their shoes, but as much as the genders may disagree on their evaluation of female beauty, somehow they came up with a very nice list of hotties for their awards. Enjoy.

SNEAK PEEK: Lauren Conrad In Her Glamour Photoshoot

It's easy to overlook Lauren Conrad. I mean, there's not all that much there there once you start digging. But, when it comes to bubbly Cali beach girls, I suppose digging is not really what you want to be doing with your time anyhow. Ogling and gawking come to mind more so. Which you can now do with the self-described actress and fashion designer and former Hills reality TV star, who appears in the May edition of Glamour magazine in some photos sure to re-spark your interest in one of the original Laguna Beach girls.

We can blame MTV for many things. They're like the Vasco de Gama of the television landscape; they broke some new ground with their bold explorations, but mostly now we just remember them for spreading syphilis throughout the Asian continent. And MTV did bring us a number of the mind-numbing hot girls we do so love to ogle, Lauren Conrad among them. So, backhanded compliment to the former music television network, and front handed compliment to Glamour magazine for making Lauren look ever so hot. Enjoy.