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Jennifer Lawrence Provides a Male Ogle Worthy Experience in Glamour Magazine

I could watch Jennifer Lawrence spit watermelon seeds and I'd be in heaven. In fact, I'd pay to watch that. The sextastic buxom young actress about to break big once more in Hunger Games, took to the pages of U.K. Glamour magazine just to show that even when she's posing for the ladies, there's still plenty of visual delights for the man-folk, even if we could use a bit more skin.

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence came onto the public scene a year ago now with her Oscar nomination she's been nothing but hour glass figure amount of awesome. We can only hope she doesn't get too caught up in goofy blockbuster films that she forgets her indie roots and the potential for nekkidness that lies within. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart Smoking Hot on the Pages of Glamour

The side benefits of the craptastic Twilight movie series just keep on coming, namely, a side order of the so-potentially sextastic Kristen Stewart, all dolled up and smoking hot on the pages of this month's Glamour magazine, all part of the monster promotional campaign underway for the supernatural super-sappy film opening up later this month. We may never ever get to see Kristen Stewart smile, but any time she looks this hot and isn't flipping us the angry bird, it's a nice bit of visual delight. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart Sizzles As Breaking Dawn Promotions Begin to Ramp Up

She may never smile, but you certainly will after seeing this glorious Glamour magazine spread of Kristen Stewart, looking all kinds of wicked hot as the day draws near when teary-eyed young girls, dysfunctional soap-opera loving moms craving Oprah, and Cousin Jonathan camp out in line for days in advance of Twilight Breaking Dawn in just about six weeks or so now. If but for the hint of Kristen Stewart nekkidness, I'd be in line with the entire bunch, but for romantic kisses with the foppy fopmeister guitar playing emo sad sack vampire, I'd rather watch the paint dry on the nails of the hot girls at the mani-pedi place near our office that doesn't close it's shades properly, I mean, so I'm told. Enjoy.

Rihanna Goes Straight Up Sexy for Glamour Magazine

While Rihanna is not on tour touching herself in front of throngs of teens, she takes time from her concert appearance to get all kinds of grown up and glamorous hot, as in this pictorial from the upcoming Glamour magazine. Wowzer. Still not sure how any right-minded male is on the fence when it comes to this red-headed Barbadian hottie, but just more Rihanna for the rest of us I suppose. Enjoy.

Blake Lively With Clothes On… Still Sexy and Glamorous

Well, with all the craziness going on around the purported Blake Lively leaked nekkid photos last night, I had almost forgot that today was the day Glamour magazine was showing off her new sexy pictorial, featuring the Gossip Girl in a slightly more conservative, but still smoking hot set of poses, in advance of all the promotions around her role in the upcoming Green Lantern.

I'd like to go on record as saying that I have lusted Blake Lively long before the unconfirmed leaked bathroom photos and the sight of what may or may not be her perfectly ripe melons and ridiculously sexy bare body, in fact, I've taken heat from many readers who did not find Blake worth of such attention. But, she is. And these sweet magazine photos show that she doesn't have to take her clothes off, to have a good time (though, you know, I can't say that still isn't the preferred method). Enjoy.

Ashley Greene in Glamour Magazine

Finally, my be-lusted Ashley Greene in full and living color. No longer showing signs of Jonas Brother contagion, Ashley Greene is once again free to flash her full deck of sextastic, even in the women's magazines where chicks check out chicks for purposes guys can only wonder. But there's no wondering about whether Ashley Greene is hot. Featured here in this month's Glamour magazine, the sexy former Twilighter with the sweet asstastic shows that she deserves a real boyfriend, a man of substance, a heartfelt blogger who styles in a 'classic' Corolla with just a minor amount of Bondo putty perhaps? Call me, Ash, this Miley doll will only hold my attention for so long. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Cleavetastic Pictures for the New Year’s Eve Party Win

Okay, let's put this in perspective. Yes, Kim Kardashian got paid six-figures to be the hostess at Tao night club in Las Vegas for New Years. Yes, she is a human slot machine designed by Kris Jenner to suck this planet dry of all its paper money reserves. And, yes, this is the same Tao nightclub where Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel used to meet to find Tiger more trim than any ten men could hope for. That all being said, Kim Kardashian and her amazing hourglass figure and bionic boobtastic stole the show this holiday weekend. New Year's Eve is all about sparkle and glitz and things that rhyme with the word glitz, and well, taking that all into consideration, Kim Kardashian takes the prize. And, a couple pro ballplayers back to her room upstairs. Just kidding, they powered Kim down for her annual systems check not long after these photos were taken. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

Beyond New Year's Eve, Kim Kardashian is featured in the upcoming Glamour Magazine, where, gosh darnit, she just looks smoking sexy once again. It's kind of surreal. If surreal means 'hot.