Glamour Magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio Sideboob Sextastic Hot Body in Glamour

Here’s a thought. Alessandra Ambrosio is just crazy hot. I mean, like mind numbing, mumbling, drooling, loss of body control and central nervous system permanent meltdown kind of hot. I’m not sure she’s even trying her hardest. She’s like Ali in the ring taking on a lesser opponent. Yawn, another day at the office without a bra or cover up and some sextastic revealing beach outfits in Glamour Magazine.

I do so love when glamour and faptastic cross over, as in these steamy delightful photos of the Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret mainstay promenading as if right out of several of my personal fantasies involving this MILFy mom. Her long lean and sultry body could probably heal most diseases if applied topical. And topically if shall be for my own prurient illness that can’t ever seem to be cured. Alessandra, I’m not sure who to thank for making you this way, I only know I’ve already brought the flowers and iTunes gift cards. I feel so grateful. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine

Miranda Kerr Ever Uber-MILFtastic Goodness for Glamour

I’m going to just come right out and say it. Miranda Kerr is an exceptionally good looking woman who I’d let marry me to make a baby, or seven, and then leave me to my fond memories. I’m so good with that. The uber-MILFtastic model got found by our Egotastic! radar on the pages of Glamour Russia where her lady like lovely looks shined through the colorful pages. Miranda isn’t just an attractive woman, she’s mesmerizing.

Someday, Miranda, you and I shall have five minutes alone for me to mumble something incoherently meant to express my undying passions, you will say ‘what?’ and I’ll just smile because I’ll take that as a yes. Life is so much better when you see things through your fantasy lenses. Miranda, I’m seeing you right now. Spectacular. Enjoy.

Jenna Louise Coleman Looking Mighty Fine in Glamour

Dr. Who fanboys and just anybody who appreciates a good hot British brunette will rejoice at the ladies magazine pictorial of Jenna Louise Coleman. A tad bit too innocent for our general tastes, but anything Jenna Louise is my motto. Well, it used to be, I’ll do anything for a peek. But, you’ve got to keep your motto dynamic, changing with the times.

So, today, it’s anything Jenna Louise, pulling a G-rated pose down in Glamour UK magazine, causing X-rated fantasies (well, maybe a hard R, we are gentlemen after all). Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Pretty Damn Hot South of the Border

I’ll leave it to you to decide if Miley Cyrus recent fiance Liam Hemsworth took a step up or not when he split from Miley and hooked up with Mexican singer and actress and just generally all around super hottie, Eiza Gonzalez. I can tell you this, Eiza looked ridiculously hot in the new edition of Glamour Mexico, where she she doesn’t bare too much skin (enough is not even possible), but shows off some innate talents in the looks department that have me counting the seconds until we get to see much more.

Breaking up is hard to do. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s much easier when you start making the sexy with Eiza Gonzalez a couple days later. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, sextastic women do. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Can’t Not Be Hot, It’s Simply Impossible

Nobody more excited than I when the French edition of Glamour magazine hits my doorstep, a little sneering delivery boy on his moped motoring off to his next destination. It can be hit or miss as to the content, especially if your French isn’t so good, but the August edition, ooh la la.

Jessica Alba simply can’t not be hot. I’m not exactly sure when this picture set was taken, before the last baby or after, but there’s no doubt that Jessica is one of the hottest ladies on this here planet. Jessica Alba in a half shirt with a skateboard? Are you kidding me? Every single dream I ever had as a fifteen year old boy just came flooding back into my brain. It’s like an X-rated soup. Jessica doth inspire so. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Simply Just Won’t Stop Looking Hot

The still 19-year old Barbara Palvin is booking up some big time gigs of late, success that has to be directly attributed to the undeniable fact that she’s a great looking young woman. Oh, I’m sure she has a wonderful personality, and she’s a delight to work with, and has all that tremendous rapport, but, let’s be real, she’s stunning. And stunning women just have to be in front of a camera.

As in this pictorial for Glamour magazine in Italy. I know it’s not meant for men but I never miss an opportunity to feast my eyes upon this young hottie. Whether in lingerie, or hopefully less soon, she’s got one of those faces that just says ‘you will never forget me, or have me, for that matter’. Damn that face. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Long Legs and Cleavage for Glamour

Jessica Alba is on something of a roll this week, what with her faptastic bikini picture parade out of St. Bart’s, and now an amazing pictorial spread in Glamour U.K. featuring the mommy hottie flashing her shapely legs and just enough cleavage to be dangerous. Well, dangerous to us and our wanton ways. I’m sure Jessica is the height of innocence and proper MILF behavior. Except for that occasional wry smile, that let’s us know there’s still a little naughty in those hills.

And, while you’re at it, why not double down on Alba hotness with this new Mike Rosenthal shoot of Jessica Alba. If she were my mom, I’d suggest moving to a state where people were enlightened on the matter of family love. Enjoy.