Glamour Magazine Posts:

Jenna Louise Coleman Looking Mighty Fine in Glamour

Dr. Who fanboys and just anybody who appreciates a good hot British brunette will rejoice at the ladies magazine pictorial of Jenna Louise Coleman. A tad bit too innocent for our general tastes, but anything Jenna Louise is my motto. Well, it used to be, I'll do anything for a peek. But, you've got to keep your motto dynamic, changing with the times.

So, today, it's anything Jenna Louise, pulling a G-rated pose down in Glamour UK magazine, causing X-rated fantasies (well, maybe a hard R, we are gentlemen after all). Enjoy.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Pretty Damn Hot South of the Border

I'll leave it to you to decide if Miley Cyrus recent fiance Liam Hemsworth took a step up or not when he split from Miley and hooked up with Mexican singer and actress and just generally all around super hottie, Eiza Gonzalez. I can tell you this, Eiza looked ridiculously hot in the new edition of Glamour Mexico, where she she doesn't bare too much skin (enough is not even possible), but shows off some innate talents in the looks department that have me counting the seconds until we get to see much more.

Breaking up is hard to do. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's much easier when you start making the sexy with Eiza Gonzalez a couple days later. Time doesn't heal all wounds, sextastic women do. Enjoy.

Barbara Palvin Simply Just Won’t Stop Looking Hot

The still 19-year old Barbara Palvin is booking up some big time gigs of late, success that has to be directly attributed to the undeniable fact that she's a great looking young woman. Oh, I'm sure she has a wonderful personality, and she's a delight to work with, and has all that tremendous rapport, but, let's be real, she's stunning. And stunning women just have to be in front of a camera.

As in this pictorial for Glamour magazine in Italy. I know it's not meant for men but I never miss an opportunity to feast my eyes upon this young hottie. Whether in lingerie, or hopefully less soon, she's got one of those faces that just says 'you will never forget me, or have me, for that matter'. Damn that face. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Long Legs and Cleavage for Glamour

Jessica Alba is on something of a roll this week, what with her faptastic bikini picture parade out of St. Bart's, and now an amazing pictorial spread in Glamour U.K. featuring the mommy hottie flashing her shapely legs and just enough cleavage to be dangerous. Well, dangerous to us and our wanton ways. I'm sure Jessica is the height of innocence and proper MILF behavior. Except for that occasional wry smile, that let's us know there's still a little naughty in those hills.

And, while you're at it, why not double down on Alba hotness with this new Mike Rosenthal shoot of Jessica Alba. If she were my mom, I'd suggest moving to a state where people were enlightened on the matter of family love. Enjoy.

Kate Hudson Isn’t Wearing a Bra — Now That’s Glamorous!

We've recently discussed how great Kate Hudson is looking once more, especially for a rock band groupie who's had her fair share of back stage flings and babies produced therein.

Now Kate is on the cover of Glamour magazine, which you don't get, but I pluck from the doorstep of my pied-à-terre each month as the neighborhood middle school ruffians mock my sexuality, so that I can bring the best of the women's magazines to you. It's a thankless job, also a pretty crappy paying job, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Not when we can share in the delights of a braless Kate Hudson along with an article that I'm sure explains some female important stuff like how Kate is getting along being a mommy in a blended family, how to stay in-shape as a working mom, and, naturally, issues related to cramping and bloating around the cycle.

If I was you, I'd stick to the pictures. Enjoy.

Dakota Fanning Grow’d Up Photos in Glamour Magazine (Because We Can Finally Talk About Dakota Like an Adult)

You know, we have to officially wait til a girl turns eighteen before we can officially comment on her looks, because while it's perfectly legal to do so beforehand, the thought police who patrol the Interwebs and love to write emails, will bombard our accounts with letters of pearl-clutching shrillness, decrying how we can call a seventeen year old girl model-hot or a future hottie or such. Because god knows, there's no dudes in her senior class at high school making far cruder comments about her appearance and how it makes them feel.

Nevertheless, we abide by certain standards, most of the time, including holding back more grown up discussions of Dakota Fanning, the popular child move star now matured into a barely legal young woman and looking rather alluring in the upcoming edition of Glamour magazine. Now, eighteen doesn't give us license to suddenly start declaring how badly we'd like to cover Dakota in Marmite and play Southern Hemispheric explorer or just announce aloud that we'd like to plant our flag deep in the lush riverbed of Dakota Valley. No, that would be just as wrong this year as last. We are gentlemen after all.

So, while we ogle Dakota in perhaps her finest looking poses ever, we shall respectfully offer up a 'cute' and 'doesn't she look terrific', to maintain proper decorum, you know, even as we suppress thoughts of playing a wax paper and comb harmonica on her... oh, man, we really need to learn some self-control. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez Seemingly Done With Satan Jr. and Super Hot in Glamour Magazine

Apparently, the on-again off-again teen romance between our belusted Selena Gomez and The Devil's Midget is off-again, as the Selena was spotted end of last week ditching her teen lesbian girlfriend at a restaurant before the first course was served. We can only hope Satan Jr's powers over the Latina diva continue to dwindle and our brunette baby makes her way free and clear of the world's smallest biggest douche. Just check out Selena Gomez hotness in the December issue of Glamour and you'll understand why we and the rest of the world believes she has a few more options than a mini-Ken Doll meets spoiled tween girl.

Selena is growing up to be a petite bit of womanly sextastic that deserves something far greater than a cry-baby with access to capital, she needs a real man, I think I know who we're talking about her. Call me, Selena. I'm in the book under 'Major Rebound Mistakes'. Enjoy.