Rita Ora’s Hot Bikini Selfies!

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Tex Hollywood - April 27, 2020

I know it always feels so slimy to celebrate a girl for posting up her bikini pics. I am sure you have seen the comments of the creepy dudes on social media when a bikini pic happens. Maybe you are one of those people out there encouraging these women to post more bikini pics.

Thinks like

"Omg that grass looks sooooo nice"


" I wish Autographs could be signed through the Gram!! It hurts and I have moved on from it.. But I haven't given up on the hope of having you on My Gram.. I remain a loyal fan I wouldn't love anything more than having your attention with a follow back! !"

I guess neither of those were so bad, but you know what I mean and I'd had to be that dude. You know, the dudes who if we were in a cartoon, our eyes would bulge out of our head and an old car horn would go off.

It's a little overly excited, one would even say pathetic, but CLEARLY Rita Ora knows it triggers solid responses. 620,000 people before I even saw the picturee, liked the picture.

So when a girl does her make-up in quarantine, gets in a bikini while rocking an amazing body like Rita Ora, where she poses dramatcially at the camera like a girl who just lost her cat all in distress, then a girl giving the serious look, before trying the girl who licked a lemon, which are how I describe these three pictures in a bikini that she posted, she MUST know what she's getting herself into!!

As it turns out, getting into that bikini was great a great decision!

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