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Wreck-it-Ralph Deleted Scene Could’ve Hurt The Sims’ Feelings. We Wish it Had (VIDEO)

The animated film “Wreck-it-Ralph” had a clear focus on arcade games and the now-nearly extinct arcade culture where ornately decorated wooden cabinets, specialized monitors and game-specific controls once ruled the day. When the movie-going public took their kids to this latest Disney money magnet, this take on arcade games carried plenty of appeal for adults (ok, dudes and dads) old enough to remember arcades. The news that a scene taking down ridiculous “do-nothing” social games was planned and then cut from the movie is both sad and exciting now that we have storyboard video of said scene. Read more… »

The Next Xbox and Playstation Changing the Game with Connectivity

And just like that a mini torrent of information, speculation, hyperbole and leaks about the next consoles from Microsoft and Playstation is upon us and the first shots in the upcoming console battle have already been fired. Kotaku beat some nuggets of info out of veteran, if not totally reliable, source who revealed many whoppers including the idea of an always present, always connected Kinect motion-sensing system that will ship with every new Microsoft console. Not only will everybody be forced onto the Kinect train, but the Kinect unit itself will be much improved –able to “see” six people and the articulation of their hands all with a camera that can see farther and wider than the current camera.

Sony, meanwhile, has thrown out 6pm EST on February 20 in New York City as the time and place for a major announcement that has everybody convinced Playstation information is on the way. Soft acknowledgement by game makers that something big is coming up, has fueled excitement that next Wednesday will be the day. There’s chatter about Killzone 4 on the new Playstation, an innovative controller that’s supposed to include a touchscreen and/or “share” button for social media and even a rumor about the thing coming with two cameras.

Now that the race for the living room entertainment crown has restarted, keep it here for more on the new systems because things are about to get wild.


Grand Theft Auto V Waiting Until September to Wow You

What the Hell?!

The bad news is Grand Theft Auto V isn’t coming out until September 17, 2013. The good news is….*crickets* There’s nothing good about a blockbuster being delayed, plain and simple. The one silver lining, perhaps, is that at least it’s not being canceled. But this is a GTA title and those things don’t get canceled just like a Peter Jackson Middle Earth movie would never be canceled. It’s as automatic as it gets. This timing now suggests there will be a big push of media and coverage over the summer leading up to the release, rather than being jammed into the next few months for its original May release. Also consider that by September we’ll have a lot more information on the next Playstation and next Xbox and Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be wading right into that mix. Should be interesting.

Tomb Raider Will Forego Downloadable Demo

According to the folks at Joystiq, the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot won’t include a pre-release demo for people to play before the game’s early March release date. The pre-launch demo has become a staple for many game companies, while certain blockbuster games (think Halo, Call of Duty) take it as a bade of honor to not release one. The implication being a surefire hit game doesn’t “need” to entice people with a sample in order to get their dollars. Nonetheless with tightly controlled press access to Tomb Raider and the inherent gamble that comes with rebooting a well established franchise, no downloadable demo of a short playable bit is surprising. Read more… »

Tiger Woods 14 Introduces Feature that Focuses on Golf’s Backward Past (VIDEO)

This is not Tiger Woods, but that's okay

Tiger Woods might still be the name on the cover of the video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 but ever since Thanksgiving Night 2009, EA SPORTS has been chipping away at the legendary golfer’s status as a pitchman. When he hasn’t been absent from the cover altogether (Tiger Woods ’12), he’s had to share the cover with another up-and-coming golfer (’11 and ’13) or even an old guy (this year). This kind of passive-aggressive nibble at the greatest golfer of his generation became a bigger chomp with the announcement of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14: The Masters Historic Edition. That’s an incredibly long winded name for a version of the game that will include the ability to play The Masters at Augusta National as it was laid out in 1934. It wasn’t even called The Masters back then; in 1934 it was just the regular old Inaugural Augusta National Invitation Tournament. Read more… »

DmC Devil May Cry Unlaods on PC in January

Now you’ll have another game play on your PC besides that latest expansion pack of World of Warcraft. You know, the one with the ninja teddy bear in it. DmC Devil May Cry is coming to the PC much to the joy of PC gamers everywhere who are constantly worried that their gaming system of choice is one bad Blizzard game away from become extinct.

Dante’s hair will look sharper and 10% more emo (or whatever) on a high powered, accelerated machine. Is the new Devil May Cry the game that will cause you to hit up your local game retailer with a gift card burning a hole in your hand? Maybe. With all of those demons to slay, you probably don’t want to roll in with shoddy equipment. The world is at stake, man.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Unleashes Zombies into Nuketown for Everybody

So there’s Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and there’s the beloved Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map in there too. Put ‘em together and you’ve got Nuketown Zombies or Zombies Nuketown and it’s surely the best of both worlds right? Well, yeah, but it depends on when you’re talking about. If you dropped the extra coin for the special editions of the game then you’ve been down with Zombies in a tore up Nuketown 2025 map for awhile now. If you just got regular Black Ops II, today is the day you can get the new stuff –plus three additional maps and other stuff– by signing up for the Season Pass. That’s the best way we can simplify what is otherwise a convoluted and overly complicated system of separating you from your money in exchange for things that you may or may not enjoy. Seriously, throw another $40+ at Activision now and you’ll get additional content to add to the game that you already bought for $60 and included in that package is Zombies shuffling around a tore up version of Nuketown 2025. Watch the trailer on Youtube….and Youtube only.