Kat and Emmett Join Playstation All-Stars in First DLC

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bill-swift - November 17, 2012

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, which I'll be calling PASBR from here on out, hasn't even hit store shelves yet and it's already making a huge splash in the gaming community. With Super Smash Bros. quickly fading into obscurity, now is the time for a new franchise to take over the platform-wide tournament seat. PASBR has already gone gold on both Playstation 3 and Playstation VITA but why stop a good thing?

Seth Killian of Santa Monica Studios has just announced a treat for the fans in the form of some good old fashioned free DLC content. While it was confirmed earlier on that PASBR would be receiving new characters, stages and skins in the form of future DLC, no one really expected to hear about new DLC this early...and free at that. Did I mention it was free? FREE!

The sexy Kat from the PS VITA titled Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from PS3 exclusive Starhawk will both be joining the all-star fighting roster as a 100% free DLC pack. Kat will bring a very unique element to the game with a focus on altering gravity for most of her attacks, making for some very interesting aerial assaults, whereas Emmett's fighting style will utilize some of his most iconic weapons along with Starhawk's 'Build and Battle' system that allows him to call down for help from the skies above.

There's only one catch to these free pieces of DLC gold, and that's that players must download them within the first two weeks of their release to take advantage of the free offer.

Once Kat and Emmett are finished, we'll put them up for download. They'll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don't worry, we'll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details. -Seth Killian, Lead Game Designer (Santa Monica Studios)

This service to the fans just adds on the goodies we'll be receiving so far, including free character skins with all pre-orders and free PS VITA copies with any PS3 copy purchased.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to start the action November 20, 2012 as a PS3 exclusive, with these two highly desired characters hitting sometime in early 2013.

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