Erin Heatherton Cleavetastic Braless and Simply Superfine

We haven’t seen nearly enough of Erin Heatherton lately. The blonde V.S. model has been on some kind of part to full time hiatus away from the limelight that has left me missing my freckled beauty. Slowly but surely Erin seems to be coming back to full-time exhibitionism gigs, modeling in this splendid cleavetastic braless shoot for The Coveteur magazine, highlighting her girl next door blonde babe qualifications.

Erin is perhaps a bit more grown up than the last time we saw so much of her, pre-DiCaprio girlfriend status. That could change a woman. Certainly not a girl any longer. She does seem to be exuding a bit of the mature hotness we perhaps didn’t see in her shoots just a couple or three years ago. Still the young girl from Skokie we first fell in lust with, but wise, and more racktastically alluring than before. I like where this is headed. I like it very much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg For The Coveteur Magazine

Hailey Baldwin Cleavy In Lingerie for Dutch Treats

Hailey Baldwin continues her romp down the show-off yellow brick road, now that she’s hit eighteen and is an official full time model with a part time side of partying. The Baldwin daughter is now appearing in international magazines, including this lingerie inspired cleavage baring spread in L’Officiel in The Netherlands. She certainly looks comfortable sharing shots of her nubile body, which is good, since this is her chosen profession, likely to last all the way until 23, the age of model retirement.

Hailey Baldwin joins the up and coming barrage of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in terms of next-gen celebrity exhibitionists taking the world of fashion and style and long lean bodies by teenaged storm. A changing of the guards if you will. Certainly the right time to polish one’s bishop, you know, just for propriety sake. We expect to see more of you in the near future, Hailey. Much much more. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: L’Officiel Netherlands

Joanna Krupa Braless Nipple Poking Film Set Arrival, Yep, They’re Damn Glad to Meet You

As a general rule, you can’t help but be popular on a film set when arriving braless with your nipples poking out of your dress so hard it seems like the material might burst. It also help to be super hot and blonde. If you can pull off this combo, you are sure to be invited back for more work.

Joanna Krupa was before the cameras filming the thriller You Can’t Have It, which may or may not be the world’s next blockbuster film, but either way a lovely bit of shining the light on the Polish sextastic talent that is Joanna Krupa. I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be watching this movie when it becomes available in whatever format. I’m a Krupa superfan. Me and those nipples, with both of us stretching for the winning line. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Hilary Duff Vs Aubrey O’Day Plunging Braless Cleavy Necklines

Both Hilary Duff and Aubrey O’Day took to featuring their braless pushes up sweet teats on the red carpet. For Aubrey, this was nothing new on the cleavetastic front. For Hilary, well, let’s just say she’s single again and perhaps ready to mingle again. This certainly won’t hurt.

Much of young Hollywood, all Hollywood really, has gone braless in the past couple of years. I’m not sure who first promoted the trend, I’m just blessedly thankful it happened. Just imagine when we used to spend all that time just to sneak peeks at bras. Wow, tres passe. Now it’s right to the goody good gum drops. Or in the case of Hilary and Aubrey, the best gum drops ever. This is a ‘vs.’, but as always, I’m choosing both. Like I’d ever have the fortitude to tell a girl who looked like either of these sextastic celebrities that they weren’t the winner. They all are in my book. You should see my book. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/FameFlynet

Rihanna Braless Cleavage Is What’s For Dinner

Rihanna hasn’t worn a bra probably since the novelty of training bras wore off for her back in the day. She simply does not like undergarments, or garments, or clothes or covering up or not letting the better parts of her gifted female form be seen by the general public. I’ve admired Rihanna since the very first time one of her candid nekkid photos got leaked to the world and she said basically, yeah, I’m hot, I’m nekkid, go have yourself some fun, kids. And we kids did. I’ve been a fan of her exhibitionist ways ever since.

In her latest ensemble of body flashing, Rihanna left her favorite Italian restaurant where I can’t imagine she ever eats the pasta braless with an open top that seemed to suspend her lady udders in mid-air, defying gravity and nipple slips with some type of engineering precision. These are the moments when I pray for the wardrobe makers to not be so super clever in their constructions. Still, quite the peek-a-boo view for the dessert round. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kaley Cuoco Braless For a Good Cause (It’s Never a Bad Time to Be Braless)

Kaley Cuoco might have done questionable things to her former long flowing blonde locks we imagined stroking, you know, while playing our guitar and crooning love songs, but she’s not yet given up on the blessed ta-ta’s, the scientific part of which she claims was her best investment ever. Hard to argue. I didn’t have to pay for them and I feel the balance sheet tilting toward the positive.

Kaley doesn’t dress as revealing perhaps as she used to before marriage and big ole contracts and playing the role of Hollywood debutant, but she’s still got those knockers and when she goes braless to galas, even PG-rated, we’re going to notice. We kind of have a nose for these thing funbag things. Kaley, you could show so much more and make us all so much happier, but braless is certainly a solid step in the right direction. Next time, talk to your wardrobe person about a few inadvertent cuts perhaps. A malfunction is desperately needed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Olivia Wilde Models Braless For H&M

Legendary beauty Olivia Wilde did some modeling for H&M and forgot to wear a bra. Well, I’m sure she didn’t forget as much as she made a conscious choice to share her unencumbered cleavage with us all. I for one am all about it. Olivia is hot in so many ways but I really do enjoy her perfect plump little bosom. It’s just right for her frame. Olivia doesn’t need bigger boobage because she’s the whole friggin package, my friends. My favorite pic is the one where she is wearing just a blazer. There is something about a woman wearing no shirt and a jacket that is just plain ‘ol sexy. It’s like when a woman puts on a man’s shirt after knocking boots. It’s just hot.

Although I seriously doubt that Olivia shops at H&M, I sure hope that it encourages sexy ladies to shop there. If so I will definitely be there to help them in and out of their clothes.

Photo Credit: H&M