Miley Cyrus Pink Sports Bra Goes for a Hike

If you ever come to Los Angeles, you’re going to want to amble up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. It’s where many celebrities take their urban hikes to the limits with a not so spectacular bit of ascent that is ‘L.A. big’ at least. It’s also where many of them take their dogs to poop, so be advised not to wear your new white sneaks. As for me, I’m content to remain at basecamp just watching. Somebody needs to guard the supplies. I’ve limited shrinkage on the beer and chips to twenty-percent.

It’s the place to bring a camera and snap photos of Miley Cyrus in a bright pink sports bra traversing the not so steep hiking paths up the hill, keeping herself in just about the best shape you can when you’re into some hardcore partying, drinking, and smoking. It’s called your early 20′s. One hike a week usually will serve the purpose of cleansing the toxins. Especially when sporting a bright pink sports bra and flashing your midriff. That makes everything better. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Cara Santana Stretch Pants and Sports Bra Bit O’ Body Perfection

Cara Santana doesn’t just have a great body, she has one of the tightest worked out bodies in Celebrityville. Kind of snuck up on us. In the proud tradition of the petite hotties who work out daily with their yoga and Pilates and whatever mysterious things go on in that place they call the exercise room at the gym. Hence, when Cara putts around town in her Spandex stretch pants and a sports bra, as is her standard dress code, she’s earned it. And, of course, so have we.

It’s not that we’d like to see every single sextastic celebrity have the same worked out body. They’re all different. That’s the delight. Cara’s falls into the category of Hurt Me, Beat Me, and Scream at Me for Eating Pizza. That’d be rough to live with for more than one night. But, oh, what a night. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Tallulah Willis Exposed Bra While Leaving Chateau Marmont

Tallulah Willis showed that she is indeed the sexier daughter of her MILF mom Demi Moore when she forgot to button her shirt while leaving the Chateau Marmont. You could clearly see her bra underneath. She has quite a pair of knockers and lucky for us she likes to show them off. Her cleavage is enough to make you slap yo mama, as a stereotype of a Cajun might say. In some other pics she posted, we see her in a bikini top or in a skin tight bodystocking thing that gives us a perfect impression of those lovely funbags. She’s also got a pretty nice booty. I like a woman with some curves and a little meat on her bones and she’s got that but is still fairly thin.

I don’t even mind her shaved head, though I usually like a woman with long hair. I’d like to rub that head for good luck.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews/Instagram

Mila Kunis Flashes Her Bra for a Little Rosh Hashana Visual Treat

Yesterday we celebrated Mila Kunis as part of our Hebrew School Hotties tribute gallery, now we can see her freshly into 5774 showing off her red bra under her dress, probably not on her way to shul. Nevertheless, wherever Mila is headed, I would surely love to follow.

Even into the ladies room, albeit, that would put me at risk for violating a very specific portion of my parole agreement. For you, Mila, I would do anything. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Shock and Bra in New York City

Lady Gaga can not possibly get enough attention. It’s simply not mathematically possible. Even knowing she’s been one of the skin-lights of the VMA’s in the evening, Gaga felt obliged to stroll around Manhattan in just her little bra to make sure every single sighted soul in Gotham laid their eyes upon her. I suppose it’s a talent. I guess I was looking, so it works.

As always, we praise skin exhibitions in public from our famous persons. We leave it to you to decide as to their particular tastiness or not. Just the facts, ma’am, boob and asstastic style. Enjoy.

Ava Sambora Bra Flashing in Calabasas

Oh, that Ava Sambora will mature into just the same kind of public attention loving mom Heather Locklear was as a younger woman. Still a long ways to go, but the daughter of Heather and Richie Sambora does seem to take pleasure in a bit of a public spectacle as she comes up as a second generation celebrity in Hollywood.

It’s not so unusual to see teen girls running around and flashing their bras in Calabasas, it’s just that usually they are running from Justin Bieber’s home. Yeah, see how I worked that in there? We’ll start keeping our eyes on Ava Sambora as she goes through her not so awkward teen girl attention phase. It’s a tough job, but sombody’s got to do it. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Struts Streets in No More Than Bra and a Miniskirt

Lady Gaga is back. She was out for some time with a hip pointer or some other football type injury that kept her sidelined from her own touring schedule the past six months or so. It has seemed odd not to see the most promoted and omnipresent music world figure out there for so long. She’s left a ton of coverage for Justin Bieber, and that’s not a good thing.

Gaga wasted no time in attracting attention to herself by wearing no more than a bra and a miniskirt on the streets of Manhattan. It was kind of Madonna-esque you might say, as the Material Girl was one of the first to strut about publicly in black undergarments. As always, we have mixed feelings about Lady Gaga, but, we always fall back upon our founding principles in these times. If a celebrity is walking around the streets in her lingerie, we’re going to show it to you. Enjoy.